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Rank Climber Karma
1 11,465points
2 8,575points
3 Alwyn Johnson 2,462points
4 rick 1,740points
5 Mary A. Woods 501points
6 Josh Ryan 477points
7 Jeffrey Pierce 314points
8 Neale Brain 304points
9 Jeff Morrison 292points
10 Dave McGregor 260points
11 adam demmert 236points
12 David J Smith 209points
13 Bruce A. McDonough, Jr. 151points
14 Kole 150points
15 David Ingwersen 144points
16 Donny Goetz 140points
17 Adrian Ridgley 121points
18 Phil Davis 117points
19 106points
20 Philip Armstrong 102points
21 D Winger 97points
22 Paul Ikin 87points
23 Ian Z 72points
24 Gordon Araujo 70points
25 Matt Tranter 67points

Showing all 25 climbers

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