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Rank Climber Karma
1 Stephen Gerard 4,669points
2 275points
3 Brock Karben 155points
4 rick 90points
5 Charles 70points
6 60points
7 terry steinebach 34points
8 Micah Klesick 22points
9 Andrew DesLauriers 21points
9 les zollbrecht 21points
11 Todd 16points
12 h2 15points
13 Brian Bowlsby 14points
14 @je3k 13points
15 Davo 12points
16 Scott Davis 5points
17 Tracy Harton 4points
17 greg 4points
17 Aaron Cousins 4points
20 Joe Poulton 3points
20 Kirk Betz 3points
20 Jared 3points
20 @hemp22 3points
24 Thomas Rhodes 2points
24 Jarod 2points

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