Topo #5206 - Zig Zag

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Route Grade Popularity Style
5 ** Zig Zag

Located to the left of the Wedding Rock trail, this conspicuous zig zagging crack overlooks an eroded slope above the beach. Hand and fist jams up polished rock lead to offwidth liebacking at the crux. Gear top anchor (1" to 2.5"). Easy walk off descent. Pro to 5" with doubles of the biggest piece.

5.8 Trad 50ft Unlink route
6 ** Zig Zag (Left Variation)

Climb the widening hand crack on the left, avoiding the wide crack to the right. Pro to 5" (a single C4 #5 should suffice for wide pro).

5.9 Trad 50ft Unlink route

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