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Table of contents

1. Muir Valley 221 routes in Area

Sport, Unknown and other styles

Long/Lat: -83.632631, 37.727881


Muir Valley is a recreational and rock climbing area owned and maintained by Friends of Muir Valley. Originally owned by Rick and Liz Weber. The Valley is approximately 400 acres in size and is home to some of Red River Gorge's best climbs. Home to routes such as Jesus Wept, Cell Block Six, Bundle of Joy and many others.

Access Issues:

The land is owned by Friends of Muir Valley. Please fill out and submit a waiver before climbing in this area.

  1. You must read and understand the documents .Warnings to Visitors to Muir Valley. and the Kentucky Recreational Use Statute. Your presence in Muir Valley signifies that you agree that you have been adequately warned by Muir Valley Nature Preserve, LLC (MVNP) of hazards that may exist in Muir Valley and that you consider MVNP in full compliance with the provisions of this statute.

  2. You must notify MVNP as soon as reasonably possible of any unusual dangerous condition or hazard in the Valley,of which you may become aware.

  3. To rock climb in Muir Valley, you must first submit and have accepted the Muir Valley Release Form. You must either fill out and submit this form on line at www.muirvalley.com or do so on a temporary paper form, good for three days, available at the kiosk at the main Muir Valley parking lot.

  4. You must be eighteen years of age or older or be accompanied by your parent, your legal guardian, or responsible adult to enter this property. Those minors climbing with a responsible adult, such as a professional rock climbing guide, must have had the Muir Valley Release Form completed and submitted on-line on their behalf by their parent or legal guardian before entering Muir Valley. Climbers under age 18, who can demonstrate a proficiency in rock climbing, will be permitted to climb in Muir Valley on a case-by-case basis and only with special permission of the MVNP.

  5. Persons under the age of eighteen years (minors) must be supervised by their parent, legal guardian, or responsible adult and remain in the presence of that parent or guardian 100% of the time that the minor spends in Muir Valley.

  6. These activities are permitted in Muir Valley: rock climbing, hiking, trail running, and enjoying nature.

  7. These activities are NOT permitted in Muir Valley: sport rappelling, bungee jumping, rope jumping, taking long intentional falls (sometimes referred to as .victory whippers.), mountain biking, shooting firearms, hunting, trapping, camping, campfires, or operating motorized vehicles.

  8. Climbing of a type known as free soloing or highballing, which is done without proper and adequate protection in the form of rope belaying, spotting, or using bouldering pads, is unnecessarily dangerous and not permitted in Muir Valley. The only three forms of rock climbing permitted in Muir Valley are sport climbing, wherein the climber utilizes hanger brackets bolted to the rock faces, for protection, trad climbing, wherein the climber provides and temporarily affixes his/her own passive and active gear to the rock faces for protection, and bouldering, wherein the climber, sans rope, climbs routes that remain close to the ground and uses bouldering pads to provide a safer landing. Aid climbing is not permitted in Muir Valley.

  9. Do not climb above the anchors or top out on any climb in Muir Valley.

  10. Do not toprope through the anchor chains (or rings). This means do not run your rope from the belayer up and through the anchor hardware and back down to the climber. This produces unnecessary wear on the anchor hardware and may increase risk to you or climbers who use this hardware subsequent to your use of it. Instead, attach quickdraws or carabiners and slings to the anchor system and run your toprope through them.

  11. Unintentional falling is part of responsible rock climbing. Rock climbers are expected to be experienced and skilled in the technique of taking falls, and belayers are expected to be experienced and skilled in safely arresting the falls of the climbers they are belaying.

  12. No rock climbing routes of any kind may be put up in MVNP without the written permission of MVNP. If you wish to put up a climbing route, FIRST contact the owners with your ideas PRIOR to starting the project and they can help you get started. We are keeping a database of route setting projects in the valley. All new routes must have a database ID and be approved buy the owners (or their representatives). This is necessary to prevent overbolting and inappropriate setting of routes. No hardware of any kind may be permanently affixed to any rock in Muir Valley without the written permission of the MVNP.

  13. Please pack out all trash, especially non-biodegradable trash and toilet paper. Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. And, thank you for carrying out trash left by others!

  14. Dogs are not allowed in Muir Valley. This includes the parking lot. Leaving your dog tied to your car or, worse yet, shut in your car puts you dog at unreasonable risk of injury or death by overheating.

  15. Harvesting of plants or plant specimens is to be done only with the expressed specific permission of MVNP owners.

  16. Please do not damage trees and vegetation. Stay on existing trails. The Valley has been recently lightly logged. In time, the land cut by the more severe logging trails will be restored to its natural state. New footpaths may be established only with prior approval of the Muir Valley Owners.

  17. Absolutely no digging for and/or removal of relics will be permitted in caves, rock shelters, or anywhere else in Muir Valley.

  18. Please respect our neighbors' property and privacy. Drive slowly on the approach road. Children are often present. Park only on Muir Valley land in areas designated for parking.

  19. Illegal drugs and alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted anywhere in Muir Valley. Period.

1.1. Coyote Cliff 4 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: -83.641590, 37.735101

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Retirement Day 5.10c Sport 4
2 Trundling Trolls 5.11a Sport 4
3 Thunderclinger 5.10c Sport 6
4 Manteleer 5.10a Sport 7

1.2. Slab CIty 3 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: -83.641234, 37.733893

Unique Features And Strengths:

The name says it all


Lots of face climbing


Continue past The Arsenal to the marked sign

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 *** Return to Balance

This line is located at the end of the wall, just to the right of an arete. Climb the face up to through the flake, then continue upwards via a water groove.

5.11a Sport 50ft, 5
2 Thrillbillies 5.10b Sport 9
3 Strip the Willows 5.11b Sport 6

1.3. The Arsenal 8 routes in Crag

Sport and Trad

Long/Lat: -83.639644, 37.733133


Instead of turning right to go to the Great Arch, continue down the main road.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Quicksilver 5.8 Trad
2 Sacriledge 5.10d Sport
3 Bathtub Mary

Climb pockets up to a short slab, then finish with a pumpy headwall.

5.11a Sport 70ft, 9
4 Picador 5.11b Sport
5 Bullfighter 5.12b Sport
6 Reload 5.12c Sport
7 Freakin' Deacon 5.12a Sport
8 Chicken Little Loves Abubu 5.9 Trad

1.4. Midnight Surf 11 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: -83.641970, 37.732013

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Babyface

FA: Scott Curran, Dustin Stephens, 2012

5.12b Sport 100ft, 10
2 Starfish and Coffee 5.13a Sport
3 A Farewell to Arms 5.13a Sport
4 The Crucible 5.12c Sport
5 Vortex 5.12c Sport
6 Treehugger

FA: Dustin Stephens, Lena Bakanova, 2015

5.11d Sport 80ft, 9
7 Shiva 5.13b Sport
8 Tapeworm 5.12d Sport
9 *** Cell Block Six 5.12c Sport
10 Iniquity 5.12b Sport
11 Mello Yellow 5.11b Sport

1.5. The Boneyard 29 routes in Crag

Sport, Unknown and other styles

Long/Lat: -83.640626, 37.731882

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Armed Insurrection 5.10d Sport
2 Cindarella 5.9 Sport
3 ** Lucy Goosey 5.10b Sport
4 One-Armed Bandit 5.9 Sport
5 Captain Blondie Sinks The Ship 5.11a Sport
6 Hoosierheights.com 5.11c Sport
7 Van Der Waals Goo (Open Project) Sport Project
8 Gym Jones Approved 5.11b Sport
9 The Last Slow Draw 5.11d Sport
10 The First Fast Draw 5.11c Unknown
11 Son of a Wanted Man 5.10a Unknown
12 Jeff's Boneyard Project (closed) Sport Project
13 Hijacked Project 5.9 Sport
14 Winona 5.7 Trad
15 Oink! Oink! 5.8 Trad
16 Surfin' the Whale's Back 5.10b Sport
17 Three Toed Sloth (Open Project) Sport Project
18 Gorilla 5.12c Sport
19 Glide 5.12a Sport
20 Stealing Melinda 5.9 Sport
21 Lula Mae 5.6 Top rope
22 Abby Gabby Doo 5.8 Sport
23 Flying Serpents 5.12a Sport
24 Tanduay Time 5.10d Sport
25 Tao Bato 5.11a Sport
26 Bangers and Mash 5.11c Sport
27 Renegade 5.11c Unknown
28 Sweet Tater 5.11d Sport
29 Haggis, Neeps & Tatties 5.11b Sport

1.6. Animal Crackers 5 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: -83.639920, 37.730879


Climbs are listed Left to Right

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Casey 5.8 Sport 75ft, 11
2 Harvey 5.7 Sport 80ft
3 Rikki Tikki Tavi 5.8 Sport 50ft
4 Sam 5.10b Sport 45ft, 6
5 Panda Bear 5.8 Sport 45ft

1.7. Bibliothek 20 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: -83.640972, 37.730101

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 A Prayer for Owen Meany 5.6 Trad
2 100 Years of Solitude 5.11a Sport
3 Who Pooped in the Park? 5.11c Sport
4 The Giver 5.6 Trad
5 The Short, Happy Life of Fracis Macomber 5.10b Sport
6 The Stranger 5.12a Sport
7 Everything That Rises Must Converge 5.11d Sport
8 Resuscitation of a Hanged Man 5.11b Sport
9 All The Pretty Horses 5.11c Sport
10 No Country for Old Men 5.11b Sport
11 The Unbearable Lightness of Being 5.11c Sport
12 A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man 5.11b Sport
13 The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock 5.11c Sport
14 Tea at trhe Palaz of Hoon 5.11b Sport
15 A Confederacy of Dunces 5.11c Sport
16 The Fury 5.11c Sport
17 The Sound 5.11c Sport
18 East of Eden 5.11d Sport
19 Lolita 5.12a Sport
20 American Psycho 5.11a Sport

1.8. Persepolis 0 routes in Crag

1.9. Solarium 12 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: -83.638851, 37.733672

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Manifest Destiny {AU} YDS:5.12a Unknown 70ft
2 * Air-Ride Equipped {AU} YDS:5.11a Unknown 65ft
3 So Long Mr Petey 5.12c Sport
4 Magnum Opus 5.12a Sport
5 Urban Voodoo 5.12d Sport
6 Super Best Friends 5.12b Sport
7 Summer Sunshine 5.12b Sport
8 Galunlati 5.12b Sport
9 Mirage 5.12c Sport
10 Bundle of Joy 5.13a Sport
11 Abiyoyo 5.12b Sport
12 Banshee 5.11c Sport

1.10. The Great Arch 3 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: -83.638448, 37.734544

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Dyn-o-mite 5.9 Sport 85ft, 10
2 Black Powder 5.10a Sport 85ft
3 Lip Service {AU} YDS:5.11c Sport 80ft

1.11. Sunbeam Buttress 6 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: -83.637246, 37.735165

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 *** Predator

Leftmost route on ledge. Short, sustained, and good quality from the second you grab the roof start to the anchors!

Set by Carla Carandang, 2005

FFA: J.J., 2005

FA: Jared Hancock, 2005

5.11b Sport 45ft, 5
2 ** Prey

Just to the right of Predator, the leftmost route accessed from the ledge. Boulder start through the roof, easy climbing to the next roof.

FA: Jared Hancock, 2005

5.11a Sport 55ft, 5
3 Universal Gravitation 5.11a Sport 40ft, 3
4 Backstabber 5.9 Sport 40ft, 4
5 Sunbeam 5.10c Sport 65ft, 7
6 Moonshine 5.10b Sport 60ft, 5

1.12. Great Wall 17 routes in Crag

Unknown and Sport

Long/Lat: -83.637138, 37.733151

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 La Escalada {AU} YDS:5.6 Unknown 70ft
2 ** Dynabolt Gold {AU} YDS:5.10a Sport 70ft
3 ** Bitter Ray of Sunshine {AU} YDS:5.10d Sport 65ft
4 ** Edge-a-Sketch {AU} YDS:5.11b Sport 70ft
5 Special K {AU} YDS:5.11b Unknown 50ft
6 *** Boltergeist {AU} YDS:5.10b Sport 100ft
7 Legends of Limonite 5.8 Sport
8 Glory and Consequences 5.7 Sport
9 ** Touch of Grey 5.11a Unknown
10 Crusin' for a Brusin' 5.10d Unknown
11 Preemptive Strike 5.10c Unknown
12 Dance of the Druids 5.9 Unknown
13 Earth Surfer 5.11d Unknown
14 Beware the Bear 5.10b Unknown
15 Cruisin' for a Bruisin' 5.10d Unknown
16 Moots Madness 5.10a Unknown
17 Pre-emptive Strive 5.10c Sport

1.13. Shawnee Shelter 0 routes in Crag

1.14. The Hideout 5 routes in Crag

Sport and Trad

Long/Lat: -83.636533, 37.731790

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 International Route of Pancakes 5.8 Sport 35ft
2 Moots Madness / Moots Maddness 5.10a Sport 40ft
3 Beware the Bear 5.10b Sport 50ft
4 *** Call of the Wild 5.7 Mixed 80ft, 2
5 Dance of the Druids 5.9 Sport 60ft

1.15. Indy Wall 8 routes in Crag

Sport and Unknown

Long/Lat: -83.634937, 37.730360

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Makin' Bacon 5.10d Sport 40ft
2 Face Up To That Arete 5.8 Sport 35ft
3 Stretcherous {AU} YDS:5.12b Unknown 40ft
4 *** Annie The Annihilator. 5.10c Sport 40ft
5 Mid-Life Crisis 5.11c Sport 50ft, 7
6 Parasite 5.11c Unknown
7 Happy Fisherman 5.11c Unknown
8 Mentor Powers 5.10b Unknown

1.16. The Sanctuary 16 routes in Crag

Unknown, Trad and Sport

Long/Lat: -83.633986, 37.731130

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Perfidious Deciduous 5.11b Trad
2 Cherry Red 5.14a Unknown 80ft
3 Name Dropper 5.13a Sport
4 Blue Sunday 5.13a Sport
5 Peace Frog 5.12d Unknown 80ft
6 Hoosier Boys 5.12b Unknown 80ft
7 Prometheus Unbound 5.13a Unknown 95ft
8 Jesus Wept 5.12d Unknown 95ft
9 Triple Sec (aka 50 bucks) 5.13a Unknown 95ft
10 Buddha Slept 5.12a Trad
11 Immaculate Deception 5.12a Sport
12 Dirty Old Men 5.8 Trad
13 Cruxifixion 5.12d Sport
14 Blue Collar 5.12b Sport
15 First Fall 5.8 Trad
16 Conquistador of the Crumbly 5.10+ Trad

1.17. Inner Sanctum 4 routes in Crag

Sport and Unknown

Long/Lat: -83.633143, 37.732062

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Bad Company 5.10a Sport 50ft
2 Karmic Retribution {AU} YDS:5.10c Unknown 45ft
3 Netizen Hacktivist 5.9 Sport 60ft
4 Cosmic Trigger {AU} YDS:5.12a Unknown 70ft

1.18. The Stadium 2 routes in Crag

All Unknown

Long/Lat: -83.632168, 37.731650

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 *** Melancholy Mechanics 5.10d Unknown 60ft
2 *** No Bones About It 5.10b Unknown 90ft

1.19. Tectonic Wall 7 routes in Crag

Sport and Trad

Long/Lat: -83.631248, 37.730661

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 LIDAR 5.8 Trad
2 ** Gettin' Lucky In Kentucky {AU} YDS:5.10b Sport 60ft
3 * Plate Tectonics {AU} YDS:5.10a Sport 65ft, 6
4 5th Bolt Faith 5.10c Sport
5 Continental Drift 5.8 Trad
6 Tall Cool One 5.9 Sport
7 Paraplegic Power 5.7 Trad

1.20. Johnny's Wall 11 routes in Crag

Sport, Trad and Unknown

Long/Lat: -83.632009, 37.730075

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 59" Drillbitch 5.10a Sport 45ft, 5
2 * Bethel 5.10a Sport 50ft, 5
3 ** Spinner 5.10b Sport 50ft
4 * Mankala 5.10a Sport 50ft
5 Burning Bush 5.11a Sport
6 Climbing With Crowbars 5.7 Trad
7 * Thanks Holly 5.8 Unknown
8 * Two Chicken Butts 5.9 Sport
9 Mental Affair 5.8 Trad
10 Brain Stem 5.7 Trad
11 Grey Matter 5.10b Sport

1.21. Practice Wall 11 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: -83.627517, 37.727633

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Crescent Moon 5.10a Sport 35ft
2 Crescendo 5.8 Sport 40ft
3 * Slabalito 5.7 Sport 20ft, 2
4 ** Shawty 5.8 Sport 20ft, 2
5 * Low Exposure

FA: Jared Hancock,Sierra Jones,Mark Ryan, 2005

5.8 Sport 25ft, 3
6 Short and Sweet

Left slanting crack visible from where the trail meets the wall.

FA: Mark and Kate Calder, 2004

5.7 Trad 20ft
7 Acrophobiacs Anonymous 5.4 Sport 25ft, 3
8 Yu Stin Ki Pu 5.5 Sport 20ft
9 Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin Ni

FA: Jared Hancock,Karla Carandang,Jenny Wagner, Mark Ryan, 2005

5.7 Sport 20ft, 2
10 Mercenary of the Mandarin Chicken 5.9 Sport 25ft
11 Beta Spewer 5.10b Sport 20ft

1.22. Washboard Wall 0 routes in Crag

1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall 24 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: -83.626364, 37.724666

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Dirt In Eye 5.7 Trad 60ft 2
2 Pine Needle Shuffle 5.6 Trad 50ft
3 ** Redriveroutdoors.com 5.10a Sport 130ft
4 *** Redeye Brew 5.8 Sport 45ft
5 Flutterboy Blue {AU} YDS:5.9 Sport 40ft
6 ** Tomthievery (aka The Sultan Returns) 5.8 Trad 50ft
7 Stay Off the Radio Jeff! 5.9 Sport
8 The Bee's Business

FA: Jenny Ryan, Mark Ryan, 2010

5.7 Sport 50ft, 6
9 Sweet Jane 5.8 Sport 50ft
10 Trundling Kentucky

FA: Skip Wolfe, Jeff Colombo, Mark Ryan, 2011

5.7 Sport 50ft, 5
11 * Hey there, fancy pants 5.10c Sport
12 * Jungle Trundler 5.11a Sport 60ft
13 * Little Viper 5.10b Sport 50ft
14 CH4 {AU} YDS:5.7 Sport 30ft, 3
15 Rising

Continuation of CH4, follow the 3 steel perma-draws out over the roof to anchors. When done in one go after CH4, it is called Methane Rising.

5.11a Sport
16 A-Beano {AU} YDS:5.8 Sport 30ft, 3
17 Don't Take Yer Guns to Town 5.10c Sport
18 * The Offering

FA: Dennis Rice, Mike Susko, Tim Powers

{AU} YDS:5.7 Sport 45ft, 5
19 *** Put the Best Foot Forward 5.8 Trad 55ft
20 Send Me On My Way {AU} YDS:5.9 Sport 75ft
21 Workin' for the Weekend 5.10c Sport 70ft
22 Return of the Manimal 5.10d Sport 85ft
23 * Critters on the Cliff 5.11a Sport 75ft
24 ** Rat Stew 5.10a Sport

1.24. Sunnyside 11 routes in Crag

Mostly Unknown

Long/Lat: -83.626383, 37.722721

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Dog Wars 5.12 Unknown 90ft
2 Fear of Common Sense 5.11b Unknown 70ft
3 Project 5.12+ Unknown 80ft
4 Mini Me 5.9 Unknown 30ft
5 Enganche 5.10b Unknown 60ft
6 Machete 5.10b Unknown 65ft
7 Weed Eater 5.11b Unknown 75ft
8 Velveteen 5.5 Unknown 40ft
9 Kokopeli's Dream 5.9 Sport 40ft
10 Baccaus Goes Climbing 5.8 Unknown 45ft
11 Dingo the Gringo 5.10c Unknown 45ft

1.25. Land Before Time Wall 4 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: -83.631729, 37.723725

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Sabertooth 5.10c Sport 56ft, 6
2 Watering Hole 5.10b Sport
3 Ryanosaurus 5.9 Sport 52ft
4 ** Prehistoric Extermination 5.8 Sport 52ft, 6

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
5.4 Acrophobiacs Anonymous Sport 25ft, 3 1.21. Practice Wall
5.5 Yu Stin Ki Pu Sport 20ft 1.21. Practice Wall
Velveteen Unknown 40ft 1.24. Sunnyside
5.6 Lula Mae Top rope 1.5. The Boneyard
A Prayer for Owen Meany Trad 1.7. Bibliothek
The Giver Trad 1.7. Bibliothek
La Escalada Unknown 70ft 1.12. Great Wall
Pine Needle Shuffle Trad 50ft 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
5.7 Winona Trad 1.5. The Boneyard
Harvey Sport 80ft 1.6. Animal Crackers
Glory and Consequences Sport 1.12. Great Wall
*** Call of the Wild Mixed 80ft, 2 1.14. The Hideout
Paraplegic Power Trad 1.19. Tectonic Wall
Brain Stem Trad 1.20. Johnny's Wall
Climbing With Crowbars Trad 1.20. Johnny's Wall
Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin Ni Sport 20ft, 2 1.21. Practice Wall
Short and Sweet Trad 20ft 1.21. Practice Wall
* Slabalito Sport 20ft, 2 1.21. Practice Wall
CH4 Sport 30ft, 3 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
* Dirt In Eye Trad 60ft 2 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
The Bee's Business Sport 50ft, 6 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
* The Offering Sport 45ft, 5 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
Trundling Kentucky Sport 50ft, 5 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
5.8 Quicksilver Trad 1.3. The Arsenal
Abby Gabby Doo Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
Oink! Oink! Trad 1.5. The Boneyard
* Casey Sport 75ft, 11 1.6. Animal Crackers
Panda Bear Sport 45ft 1.6. Animal Crackers
Rikki Tikki Tavi Sport 50ft 1.6. Animal Crackers
Legends of Limonite Sport 1.12. Great Wall
International Route of Pancakes Sport 35ft 1.14. The Hideout
Face Up To That Arete Sport 35ft 1.15. Indy Wall
Dirty Old Men Trad 1.16. The Sanctuary
First Fall Trad 1.16. The Sanctuary
Continental Drift Trad 1.19. Tectonic Wall
LIDAR Trad 1.19. Tectonic Wall
Mental Affair Trad 1.20. Johnny's Wall
* Thanks Holly Unknown 1.20. Johnny's Wall
Crescendo Sport 40ft 1.21. Practice Wall
* Low Exposure Sport 25ft, 3 1.21. Practice Wall
** Shawty Sport 20ft, 2 1.21. Practice Wall
A-Beano Sport 30ft, 3 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
*** Put the Best Foot Forward Trad 55ft 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
*** Redeye Brew Sport 45ft 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
Sweet Jane Sport 50ft 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
** Tomthievery (aka The Sultan Returns) Trad 50ft 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
Baccaus Goes Climbing Unknown 45ft 1.24. Sunnyside
** Prehistoric Extermination Sport 52ft, 6 1.25. Land Before Time Wall
5.9 Chicken Little Loves Abubu Trad 1.3. The Arsenal
Cindarella Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
Hijacked Project Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
One-Armed Bandit Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
Stealing Melinda Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
Dyn-o-mite Sport 85ft, 10 1.10. The Great Arch
Backstabber Sport 40ft, 4 1.11. Sunbeam Buttress
Dance of the Druids Unknown 1.12. Great Wall
Dance of the Druids Sport 60ft 1.14. The Hideout
Netizen Hacktivist Sport 60ft 1.17. Inner Sanctum
Tall Cool One Sport 1.19. Tectonic Wall
* Two Chicken Butts Sport 1.20. Johnny's Wall
Mercenary of the Mandarin Chicken Sport 25ft 1.21. Practice Wall
Flutterboy Blue Sport 40ft 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
Send Me On My Way Sport 75ft 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
Stay Off the Radio Jeff! Sport 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
Kokopeli's Dream Sport 40ft 1.24. Sunnyside
Mini Me Unknown 30ft 1.24. Sunnyside
Ryanosaurus Sport 52ft 1.25. Land Before Time Wall
5.10a Manteleer Sport 7 1.1. Coyote Cliff
Son of a Wanted Man Unknown 1.5. The Boneyard
Black Powder Sport 85ft 1.10. The Great Arch
** Dynabolt Gold Sport 70ft 1.12. Great Wall
Moots Madness Unknown 1.12. Great Wall
Moots Madness Sport 40ft 1.14. The Hideout
Bad Company Sport 50ft 1.17. Inner Sanctum
* Plate Tectonics Sport 65ft, 6 1.19. Tectonic Wall
59" Drillbitch Sport 45ft, 5 1.20. Johnny's Wall
* Bethel Sport 50ft, 5 1.20. Johnny's Wall
* Mankala Sport 50ft 1.20. Johnny's Wall
Crescent Moon Sport 35ft 1.21. Practice Wall
** Rat Stew Sport 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
** Redriveroutdoors.com Sport 130ft 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
5.10b Thrillbillies Sport 9 1.2. Slab CIty
** Lucy Goosey Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
Surfin' the Whale's Back Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
Sam Sport 45ft, 6 1.6. Animal Crackers
The Short, Happy Life of Fracis Macomber Sport 1.7. Bibliothek
Moonshine Sport 60ft, 5 1.11. Sunbeam Buttress
Beware the Bear Unknown 1.12. Great Wall
*** Boltergeist Sport 100ft 1.12. Great Wall
Beware the Bear Sport 50ft 1.14. The Hideout
Mentor Powers Unknown 1.15. Indy Wall
*** No Bones About It Unknown 90ft 1.18. The Stadium
** Gettin' Lucky In Kentucky Sport 60ft 1.19. Tectonic Wall
Grey Matter Sport 1.20. Johnny's Wall
** Spinner Sport 50ft 1.20. Johnny's Wall
Beta Spewer Sport 20ft 1.21. Practice Wall
* Little Viper Sport 50ft 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
Enganche Unknown 60ft 1.24. Sunnyside
Machete Unknown 65ft 1.24. Sunnyside
Watering Hole Sport 1.25. Land Before Time Wall
5.10c Retirement Day Sport 4 1.1. Coyote Cliff
Thunderclinger Sport 6 1.1. Coyote Cliff
Sunbeam Sport 65ft, 7 1.11. Sunbeam Buttress
Pre-emptive Strive Sport 1.12. Great Wall
Preemptive Strike Unknown 1.12. Great Wall
*** Annie The Annihilator. Sport 40ft 1.15. Indy Wall
Karmic Retribution Unknown 45ft 1.17. Inner Sanctum
5th Bolt Faith Sport 1.19. Tectonic Wall
Don't Take Yer Guns to Town Sport 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
* Hey there, fancy pants Sport 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
Workin' for the Weekend Sport 70ft 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
Dingo the Gringo Unknown 45ft 1.24. Sunnyside
Sabertooth Sport 56ft, 6 1.25. Land Before Time Wall
5.10d Sacriledge Sport 1.3. The Arsenal
Armed Insurrection Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
Tanduay Time Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
** Bitter Ray of Sunshine Sport 65ft 1.12. Great Wall
Cruisin' for a Bruisin' Unknown 1.12. Great Wall
Crusin' for a Brusin' Unknown 1.12. Great Wall
** Makin' Bacon Sport 40ft 1.15. Indy Wall
*** Melancholy Mechanics Unknown 60ft 1.18. The Stadium
Return of the Manimal Sport 85ft 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
5.10+ Conquistador of the Crumbly Trad 1.16. The Sanctuary
5.11a Trundling Trolls Sport 4 1.1. Coyote Cliff
*** Return to Balance Sport 50ft, 5 1.2. Slab CIty
Bathtub Mary Sport 70ft, 9 1.3. The Arsenal
Captain Blondie Sinks The Ship Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
Tao Bato Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
100 Years of Solitude Sport 1.7. Bibliothek
American Psycho Sport 1.7. Bibliothek
* Air-Ride Equipped Unknown 65ft 1.9. Solarium
** Prey Sport 55ft, 5 1.11. Sunbeam Buttress
Universal Gravitation Sport 40ft, 3 1.11. Sunbeam Buttress
** Touch of Grey Unknown 1.12. Great Wall
Burning Bush Sport 1.20. Johnny's Wall
* Critters on the Cliff Sport 75ft 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
* Jungle Trundler Sport 60ft 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
Rising Sport 1.23. Bruise Brothers Wall
5.11b Strip the Willows Sport 6 1.2. Slab CIty
Picador Sport 1.3. The Arsenal
Mello Yellow Sport 1.4. Midnight Surf
Gym Jones Approved Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
Haggis, Neeps & Tatties Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man Sport 1.7. Bibliothek
No Country for Old Men Sport 1.7. Bibliothek
Resuscitation of a Hanged Man Sport 1.7. Bibliothek
Tea at trhe Palaz of Hoon Sport 1.7. Bibliothek
*** Predator Sport 45ft, 5 1.11. Sunbeam Buttress
** Edge-a-Sketch Sport 70ft 1.12. Great Wall
Special K Unknown 50ft 1.12. Great Wall
Perfidious Deciduous Trad 1.16. The Sanctuary
Fear of Common Sense Unknown 70ft 1.24. Sunnyside
Weed Eater Unknown 75ft 1.24. Sunnyside
5.11c Bangers and Mash Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
Hoosierheights.com Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
Renegade Unknown 1.5. The Boneyard
The First Fast Draw Unknown 1.5. The Boneyard
A Confederacy of Dunces Sport 1.7. Bibliothek
All The Pretty Horses Sport 1.7. Bibliothek
The Fury Sport 1.7. Bibliothek
The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Sport 1.7. Bibliothek
The Sound Sport 1.7. Bibliothek
The Unbearable Lightness of Being Sport 1.7. Bibliothek
Who Pooped in the Park? Sport 1.7. Bibliothek
Banshee Sport 1.9. Solarium
Lip Service Sport 80ft 1.10. The Great Arch
Happy Fisherman Unknown 1.15. Indy Wall
Mid-Life Crisis Sport 50ft, 7 1.15. Indy Wall
Parasite Unknown 1.15. Indy Wall
5.11d Treehugger Sport 80ft, 9 1.4. Midnight Surf
Sweet Tater Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
The Last Slow Draw Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
East of Eden Sport 1.7. Bibliothek
Everything That Rises Must Converge Sport 1.7. Bibliothek
Earth Surfer Unknown 1.12. Great Wall
5.12a Freakin' Deacon Sport 1.3. The Arsenal
Flying Serpents Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
Glide Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
Lolita Sport 1.7. Bibliothek
The Stranger Sport 1.7. Bibliothek
Magnum Opus Sport 1.9. Solarium
** Manifest Destiny Unknown 70ft 1.9. Solarium
Buddha Slept Trad 1.16. The Sanctuary
Immaculate Deception Sport 1.16. The Sanctuary
Cosmic Trigger Unknown 70ft 1.17. Inner Sanctum
5.12b Bullfighter Sport 1.3. The Arsenal
Babyface Sport 100ft, 10 1.4. Midnight Surf
Iniquity Sport 1.4. Midnight Surf
Abiyoyo Sport 1.9. Solarium
Galunlati Sport 1.9. Solarium
Summer Sunshine Sport 1.9. Solarium
Super Best Friends Sport 1.9. Solarium
Stretcherous Unknown 40ft 1.15. Indy Wall
Blue Collar Sport 1.16. The Sanctuary
Hoosier Boys Unknown 80ft 1.16. The Sanctuary
5.12c Reload Sport 1.3. The Arsenal
*** Cell Block Six Sport 1.4. Midnight Surf
The Crucible Sport 1.4. Midnight Surf
Vortex Sport 1.4. Midnight Surf
Gorilla Sport 1.5. The Boneyard
Mirage Sport 1.9. Solarium
So Long Mr Petey Sport 1.9. Solarium
5.12 Dog Wars Unknown 90ft 1.24. Sunnyside
5.12d Tapeworm Sport 1.4. Midnight Surf
Urban Voodoo Sport 1.9. Solarium
Cruxifixion Sport 1.16. The Sanctuary
Jesus Wept Unknown 95ft 1.16. The Sanctuary
Peace Frog Unknown 80ft 1.16. The Sanctuary
5.12+ Project Unknown 80ft 1.24. Sunnyside
5.13a A Farewell to Arms Sport 1.4. Midnight Surf
Starfish and Coffee Sport 1.4. Midnight Surf
Bundle of Joy Sport 1.9. Solarium
Blue Sunday Sport 1.16. The Sanctuary
Name Dropper Sport 1.16. The Sanctuary
Prometheus Unbound Unknown 95ft 1.16. The Sanctuary
Triple Sec (aka 50 bucks) Unknown 95ft 1.16. The Sanctuary
5.13b Shiva Sport 1.4. Midnight Surf
5.14a Cherry Red Unknown 80ft 1.16. The Sanctuary
? Jeff's Boneyard Project (closed) Sport Project 1.5. The Boneyard
Three Toed Sloth (Open Project) Sport Project 1.5. The Boneyard
Van Der Waals Goo (Open Project) Sport Project 1.5. The Boneyard