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Table of contents

1. Sunnyside 18 routes in Crag

Sport, Trad and Boulder

Long/Lat: -83.626383, 37.722721

Access Issues: inherited from Muir Valley

The land is owned by Friends of Muir Valley. Please fill out and submit a waiver before climbing in this area.

Ethic: inherited from Muir Valley
  1. You must read and understand the documents .Warnings to Visitors to Muir Valley. and the Kentucky Recreational Use Statute. Your presence in Muir Valley signifies that you agree that you have been adequately warned by Muir Valley Nature Preserve, LLC (MVNP) of hazards that may exist in Muir Valley and that you consider MVNP in full compliance with the provisions of this statute.

  2. You must notify MVNP as soon as reasonably possible of any unusual dangerous condition or hazard in the Valley,of which you may become aware.

  3. To rock climb in Muir Valley, you must first submit and have accepted the Muir Valley Release Form. You must either fill out and submit this form on line at www.muirvalley.com or do so on a temporary paper form, good for three days, available at the kiosk at the main Muir Valley parking lot.

  4. You must be eighteen years of age or older or be accompanied by your parent, your legal guardian, or responsible adult to enter this property. Those minors climbing with a responsible adult, such as a professional rock climbing guide, must have had the Muir Valley Release Form completed and submitted on-line on their behalf by their parent or legal guardian before entering Muir Valley. Climbers under age 18, who can demonstrate a proficiency in rock climbing, will be permitted to climb in Muir Valley on a case-by-case basis and only with special permission of the MVNP.

  5. Persons under the age of eighteen years (minors) must be supervised by their parent, legal guardian, or responsible adult and remain in the presence of that parent or guardian 100% of the time that the minor spends in Muir Valley.

  6. These activities are permitted in Muir Valley: rock climbing, hiking, trail running, and enjoying nature.

  7. These activities are NOT permitted in Muir Valley: sport rappelling, bungee jumping, rope jumping, taking long intentional falls (sometimes referred to as .victory whippers.), mountain biking, shooting firearms, hunting, trapping, camping, campfires, or operating motorized vehicles.

  8. Climbing of a type known as free soloing or highballing, which is done without proper and adequate protection in the form of rope belaying, spotting, or using bouldering pads, is unnecessarily dangerous and not permitted in Muir Valley. The only three forms of rock climbing permitted in Muir Valley are sport climbing, wherein the climber utilizes hanger brackets bolted to the rock faces, for protection, trad climbing, wherein the climber provides and temporarily affixes his/her own passive and active gear to the rock faces for protection, and bouldering, wherein the climber, sans rope, climbs routes that remain close to the ground and uses bouldering pads to provide a safer landing. Aid climbing is not permitted in Muir Valley.

  9. Do not climb above the anchors or top out on any climb in Muir Valley.

  10. Do not toprope through the anchor chains (or rings). This means do not run your rope from the belayer up and through the anchor hardware and back down to the climber. This produces unnecessary wear on the anchor hardware and may increase risk to you or climbers who use this hardware subsequent to your use of it. Instead, attach quickdraws or carabiners and slings to the anchor system and run your toprope through them.

  11. Unintentional falling is part of responsible rock climbing. Rock climbers are expected to be experienced and skilled in the technique of taking falls, and belayers are expected to be experienced and skilled in safely arresting the falls of the climbers they are belaying.

  12. No rock climbing routes of any kind may be put up in MVNP without the written permission of MVNP. If you wish to put up a climbing route, FIRST contact the owners with your ideas PRIOR to starting the project and they can help you get started. We are keeping a database of route setting projects in the valley. All new routes must have a database ID and be approved buy the owners (or their representatives). This is necessary to prevent overbolting and inappropriate setting of routes. No hardware of any kind may be permanently affixed to any rock in Muir Valley without the written permission of the MVNP.

  13. Please pack out all trash, especially non-biodegradable trash and toilet paper. Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. And, thank you for carrying out trash left by others!

  14. Dogs are not allowed in Muir Valley. This includes the parking lot. Leaving your dog tied to your car or, worse yet, shut in your car puts you dog at unreasonable risk of injury or death by overheating.

  15. Harvesting of plants or plant specimens is to be done only with the expressed specific permission of MVNP owners.

  16. Please do not damage trees and vegetation. Stay on existing trails. The Valley has been recently lightly logged. In time, the land cut by the more severe logging trails will be restored to its natural state. New footpaths may be established only with prior approval of the Muir Valley Owners.

  17. Absolutely no digging for and/or removal of relics will be permitted in caves, rock shelters, or anywhere else in Muir Valley.

  18. Please respect our neighbors' property and privacy. Drive slowly on the approach road. Children are often present. Park only on Muir Valley land in areas designated for parking.

  19. Illegal drugs and alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted anywhere in Muir Valley. Period.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Dog Wars

FA: Ken Thompson, 2005

5.12 Mixed 90ft, 3
2 Fear of Common Sense

FA: J.J., Barry Brolley, 2004

5.11b Sport 70ft, 7
3 Continental

FA: J.J., Jared Hancock, 2004

5.12b Sport 80ft, 8
4 Mini Me

FA: J.J., David Fromke, 2004

5.10b Trad 30ft
5 Enganche

FA: Danny Rice, Chris Dent, 2004

5.10b Trad 60ft
6 Beam Me Up Shorty

FA: Karla Carandang, 2004

V0 Boulder 12ft
7 Back To The Earth

FA: Jared Hancock, David Fromke, 2004

V1 Boulder 8ft
8 Virgin Bolter Tag Team

FA: Jared Hancock,Mike Hatchett,Mark Ryan, Skip Wolfe, 2005

5.10b Sport 65ft, 5
9 * Machete

FA: J.J., Jared Hancock, 2004

5.10b Sport 65ft, 7
10 *** Weed Eater

FA: David Fromke, J.J., 2004

5.11b Sport 75ft, 8
11 I Think It Goes All The Way

FA: Andrew Gehring,Rob Copeland,Jared Hancock, Andrew Smith, 2005

V3 Boulder 12ft
12 Velveteen

FA: J.J., 2005

5.4 Trad 40ft
13 Kokopeli's Dream

FA: Jared Hancock,Karla Carandang, J.J., 2005

5.9 Sport 40ft, 4
14 Velvet Revolution

FA: J.J.,Jared Hancock, Tim Powers, 2005

5.11d Sport 100ft, 9
15 Baccaus Goes Climbing

FA: Chris Moratz,Cindy Simpson, J.J., 2005

5.8 Trad 45ft
16 Suppress The Rage

FA: Kipp Trummel, Eric Heuermann, 2005

5.12a Sport 50ft, 6
17 Some Humans Ain't Human

FA: Rob Copeland,Jared Hancock, James Case, 2005

5.10c Sport 50ft, 5
18 Dingo the Gringo

FA: Jared Hancock,Karla Carandang,Mark Ryan, Jenny Wagner, 2005

5.10c Sport 45ft, 5

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
5.4 Velveteen Trad 40ft
5.8 Baccaus Goes Climbing Trad 45ft
V0 Beam Me Up Shorty Boulder 12ft
5.9 Kokopeli's Dream Sport 40ft, 4
5.10b Enganche Trad 60ft
* Machete Sport 65ft, 7
Mini Me Trad 30ft
Virgin Bolter Tag Team Sport 65ft, 5
V1 Back To The Earth Boulder 8ft
5.10c Dingo the Gringo Sport 45ft, 5
Some Humans Ain't Human Sport 50ft, 5
5.11b Fear of Common Sense Sport 70ft, 7
*** Weed Eater Sport 75ft, 8
V3 I Think It Goes All The Way Boulder 12ft
5.11d Velvet Revolution Sport 100ft, 9
5.12a Suppress The Rage Sport 50ft, 6
5.12b Continental Sport 80ft, 8
5.12 Dog Wars Mixed 90ft, 3