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Table of contents

1. The Chocolate Factory 67 routes in Unknown

Sport and Trad
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Shootin' Hot Hugs 5.12aSport
2 Climactic Crush 5.11bSport
3 EGBG 5.10aSport
4 R. Kelly Ethics 5.10cTrad
5 Icebreaker 5.12aSport
6 Eternal Fire 5.13dSport
7 Cat's Demise 5.13bSport
8 Toxicondendron 5.11bSport
9 Bleak December 5.12bSport
10 The Dainty Butterfly 5.12cSport
11 Snarf Victory 5.10bSport
12 Sunday Night Cockfights 5.11bSport
13 Throbbing Emotions 5.10aSport
14 * Grandpa Joe

Climb the bolt line up the pocketed face about 10ft right of Throbbing Emotions.

5.9Sport 50ft, 7
15 Bareback Sport
16 Butane Junky 5.12aSport
17 Wonkaholic 5.10aSport
18 Old School Chocolate 5.7Trad
19 Hip To The Jive 5.11bSport
20 Snozzberries 5.12aSport
21 Naked Sport
22 Grumpalump 5.11dSport
23 The Wonderous Boat Ride 5.10Trad
24 The Mad Hatter's Tea Party 5.9Trad
25 Wobbler 5.11dSport
26 Stalker 5.11dSport
27 One Side Makes You Taller 5.11aSport
28 Through The Looking Glass 5.11dTrad
29 Malice 5.12cSport
30 Hookah 5.12bSport
31 Wonderland 5.10bTrad
32 Down The Rabbit Hole 5.9Trad
33 End of Innocence 5.10bTrad
34 Sugar Rush 5.10aSport
35 Augustus Gloop 5.9Sport
36 Chocolate River 5.9Sport
37 Squirrelworker 5.11aSport
38 Peaches and Cream 5.10bTrad
39 J-Rat's Back 5.12aSport
40 Mike's Teavee 5.12aSport
41 Violet Beauregarde 5.12aSport
42 Easy Pickins 5.8Trad
43 Willy Wonka 5.11aSport
44 Fickelgruber 5.8Trad
45 The Andy Man Can 5.10dTrad
46 Scarlet Scorchdropper 5.11cSport
47 Veruca Salt 5.12aSport
48 The Glass Elevator 5.10dSport
49 Oompa 5.10aSport
50 Loompa 5.10cSport
51 Gobstopper 5.12cSport
52 Charlie 5.13bTrad
53 Pure Imagination 5.14dSport 75ft
54 The Golden Ticket 5.14dSport
55 Taffy Puller 5.13Sport
56 The Syndicate 5.13Sport
57 Gene Wilder 5.12dSport
58 Strongyloides 5.10aTrad
59 Bathed in Light 5.12aSport
60 Robotic Thumb 5.10bSport
61 Gilgamesh 5.12bSport
62 Enkidu 5.11cSport
63 Babinski Sign 5.10dSport
64 Crimp my Ride 5.12aSport
65 ABR 5.12dSport
66 Divine Punishment 5.13bSport
67 Silky Smooth 5.13cSport

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
5.7 Old School Chocolate Trad
5.8 Easy Pickins Trad
Fickelgruber Trad
5.9 Augustus Gloop Sport
Chocolate River Sport
Down The Rabbit Hole Trad
* Grandpa Joe Sport 50ft, 7
The Mad Hatter's Tea Party Trad
5.10a EGBG Sport
Oompa Sport
Strongyloides Trad
Sugar Rush Sport
Throbbing Emotions Sport
Wonkaholic Sport
5.10b End of Innocence Trad
Peaches and Cream Trad
Robotic Thumb Sport
Snarf Victory Sport
Wonderland Trad
5.10c Loompa Sport
R. Kelly Ethics Trad
5.10 The Wonderous Boat Ride Trad
5.10d Babinski Sign Sport
The Andy Man Can Trad
The Glass Elevator Sport
5.11a One Side Makes You Taller Sport
Squirrelworker Sport
Willy Wonka Sport
5.11b Climactic Crush Sport
Hip To The Jive Sport
Sunday Night Cockfights Sport
Toxicondendron Sport
5.11c Enkidu Sport
Scarlet Scorchdropper Sport
5.11d Grumpalump Sport
Stalker Sport
Through The Looking Glass Trad
Wobbler Sport
5.12a Bathed in Light Sport
Butane Junky Sport
Crimp my Ride Sport
Icebreaker Sport
J-Rat's Back Sport
Mike's Teavee Sport
Shootin' Hot Hugs Sport
Snozzberries Sport
Veruca Salt Sport
Violet Beauregarde Sport
5.12b Bleak December Sport
Gilgamesh Sport
Hookah Sport
5.12c Gobstopper Sport
Malice Sport
The Dainty Butterfly Sport
5.12d ABR Sport
Gene Wilder Sport
5.13b Cat's Demise Sport
Charlie Trad
Divine Punishment Sport
5.13c Silky Smooth Sport
5.13 Taffy Puller Sport
The Syndicate Sport
5.13d Eternal Fire Sport
5.14d Pure Imagination Sport 75ft
The Golden Ticket Sport
? Bareback Sport
Naked Sport