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Table of contents

1. Courtesy Wall 13 routes in Crag

Sport and Trad

Long/Lat: -83.711290, 37.651779

Access Issues: inherited from Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve

Please climb responsible and follow Leave No Trace practices. All dogs must be leashed or under control of their owners. Stay off tagged projects and do not touch or use any project ropes, draws, or other gear. Stay on established trails and do not mark or damage tress or other vegetation. Approval by the RRGCC is required prior to the establishment of any new crags or trails. No hunting, trapping, digging for archaeological artifacts, or operation of motorized vehicles off established roads is permitted. No open fires are permitted due to the oil extraction activity in the area and the enormous threat of forest fire in a region of numerous oil wells would pose. Overnight camping (no long-term camping) is permitted as long as it is not in a climbing area, along a trail, or near any oil equipment. Please remove all refuse and bury human waste.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Go Home Yankee

FA: Matt Tackett, Charlie Rittenberry, 2006

5.12a Sport 75ft, 7
2 Wearing Out My Welcome

FA: Jason Haas, Equipped Matt Tackett, 2006

5.12a Sport 80ft, 8
3 Welcomed Guest

FA: Jason Hass, 2006

5.11d Sport 85ft, 10
4 Kiss It All Better

FA: Dan Beck, Catherine Harrison, 2006

5.8 Trad 90ft

FA: Sandy Davies,Tina Bronaugh, Dana Weller, 2006

5.10a Sport 70ft, 7
6 Tweaked Unit

FA: Wes Allen,Stephanie Meadows, JATD crew, 2006

5.11b Sport 70ft, 9
7 Aural Pleasure

FA: Wes Allen, JATD crew, 2006

5.11a Sport 70ft, 7
8 The Climbing Corpse Cometh

FA: Jason Hass,Matt Tackett, Don McGlone, 2006

5.10d Trad 60ft
9 Jackie the Stripper

FA: Jordan Wood, 2008

5.12b Mixed 70ft, 2
10 Sore Heal OP

Open Project

5.12d Sport Project 90ft, 8
11 Trad is His Son

FA: Matt Tackett, Jeremy Egleston, 2005

5.8 Trad 65ft
12 Buenos Hermanos

FA: Jeff Castro, Dan Spalding, 2012

5.10b Sport 50ft, 5
13 And They Called it A Route

FA: Matt Tackett, Jason Haas, 2006

5.8 R Trad 50ft

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
5.8 Kiss It All Better Trad 90ft
Trad is His Son Trad 65ft
5.8 R And They Called it A Route Trad 50ft
5.10a STD Sport 70ft, 7
5.10b Buenos Hermanos Sport 50ft, 5
5.10d The Climbing Corpse Cometh Trad 60ft
5.11a Aural Pleasure Sport 70ft, 7
5.11b Tweaked Unit Sport 70ft, 9
5.11d Welcomed Guest Sport 85ft, 10
5.12a Go Home Yankee Sport 75ft, 7
Wearing Out My Welcome Sport 80ft, 8
5.12b Jackie the Stripper Mixed 70ft, 2
5.12d Sore Heal OP Sport Project 90ft, 8