Topo #3034 - 2nd pullout - left

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Area Type
? The Gallery
Area Unlink area
? The Observatory

A large triangular slab with a clear right ridge/arrete that continues upwards above the cliff.

Cliff Unlink area
? Great Red Book Area

The large red wall with a huge left-facing corner at the top of the hills, facing the 2nd pull-out.

Cliff Unlink area
? Hunter S. Thompson Dome
Area Unlink area
? Stratocaster Wall
Area Unlink area

Topo #3040 - The Observatory

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 Witches' Honor
5.8 Mixed 160ft 2, 3 Unlink route
2 Which Hunters?
5.10 Mixed 150ft, 4 Unlink route
3 Warlock
5.9 Trad 150ft Unlink route
4 * Bewitched

Easy climbing, but little to no protection beyond the bolts. Not a good choice for a beginning leader.

5.3 PG13 Mixed 150ft, 6 Unlink route

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