Topo #3026

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Area Type
? Red Spring Rock

A series of buttresses rising from the terrace above Jabba the Hut Rock. Routes listed right-to-left.

Cliff Unlink area
? Jabba The Hut Rock

A low cliff band, about 100 yards right of the parking area.

Cliff Unlink area
? Coco Crag

A varnished wall up and right from Jabba the Hut, it is the right-end of Red Springs wall, but rather than being climbed from the terrace that goes up and leftwards, it is climbed from the gully up and right.

Cliff Unlink area

Topo #3029 - Red Springs Rock

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Route Grade Popularity Style
2 Welcome to N.I.M.B.Y. Town
5.8 Mixed 90ft, 4 Unlink route
4 ** Classic Corner

I really liked this route as a lead. It is 5.8 if you use holds on the face, 5.9 if you stay in the crack. Protection is abundant although there are a couple of run outs.

5.8 Trad 150ft Unlink route
5 Badger's Buttress
5.6 Trad 100ft Unlink route
6 Rocky Road
5.10 Trad 120ft Unlink route
11 Haberdasher
5.10+ Trad 40ft Unlink route
12 Boulder Dash
5.10d Trad 100ft Unlink route

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