Topo #3042 - Bridge Mountain - East Face

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Area Type
? Eagles Nest
Cliff Unlink area
? Brass Wall

This is recognizable by a large triangular area of dark varnish on the south-east flank of Bridge Mountain. It is generally sunny and warm, making it a popular winter weather location.

Cliff Unlink area
? Beer and Ice Gully
Area Unlink area
? Stick Gully

The first (left-most) major gully slanting up and rightwards on the east-face of Bridge Mountain.

Cliff Unlink area
? Flight Path Area
Area Unlink area
? The Abutment
Area Unlink area
? Gemstone Gully Area

The 2nd major gully slanting up and right on the east-face of Bridge Peak.

Cliff Unlink area
Route Grade Popularity Style
? Fearing and Loathing
5.10 Unknown Unlink route

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