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This is the face of Mescalito as viewed from the parking area and approach. It runs from the buttress on the left side that Cat in the Hat ascends the opposite side of, until it wraps to the front to the right edge of the formation to the cone of bushy and low-angled outcrops at the base of the north-east corner.

Routes described left-to-right (south-to-north).

Descent Notes

Many of the initial routes (up to C11H17NO3) finish somewhere along Cat in the Hat, and are descended by rappelling this route.


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Grade Route
5.10 The Wasp Trad 300ft

Climbs a deep corner/crack that splits the lower portion of the south-east buttress, almost on the cusp of the south/east sides of the formation.

5.9 Black Widow Hollow Trad 370ft

Climbs the first deep corner along the east face of Mescalito.

5.10 R Pauline's Pentacle Trad 230ft 2

Climb the face up and left of The Cookie Monster to anchors. Two 70m-rope rappels.

5.7 * The Cookie Monster Trad 340ft

On the east face of Mescalito, looking at the south side, there are two obvious big corners. This one climbs the 2nd big corner in from the south (left) side.

This finishes about 30-40 ft above the tree belay of "Cat in the Hat", an easy 5.0 not-exposed down-climb allows one to rap from there (3 raps with a single 70m rope).

5.10 PG The Walker Spur Trad 350ft
5.10a PG Pine Nuts Trad 240ft
5.8 *** When a Stranger Calls Trad 350ft

FA: Randal Grandstaff & Steven Anderson

5.7 C11H17NO3 Trad 540ft 3

Follows an obvious corner system up the east face of Mescalito. Finishes at the 5th anchor for Cat in the Hat, rappel that to descend.

Starts at two parallel cracks about 75' left of a huge left-facing corner.


5.9 PG This Ain't No Disco Trad 140ft
5.12 Welcome to Red Rocks Trad 150ft
5.7 Pauligk Pillar Trad 270ft
5.10 * Y2K Trad 510ft
5.10 PG The Next Century Trad 200ft
5.9 Ride the Tiger Trad 600ft
5.11 PG Bloodline Trad 300ft
5.9 Deep Space Trad 1200ft
5.10 III Centerfold Trad 1100ft
5.10+ X Flakes of Wrath Trad 450ft