Topo #3031 - Cannibal Crag West Side

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 Have a Beer with Fear
5.11a Sport 30ft, 4 Unlink route
2 Fear This
5.11+ Sport 30ft, 3 Unlink route
3 Elbows of Mac and Ronnie
5.10d Sport 45ft, 4 Unlink route
4 What's Eating You?
5.9 Sport 45ft, 3 Unlink route
5 A Man in Every Pot
5.8 Sport 40ft, 3 Unlink route
6 Mac and Ronnie in Cheese
5.10- Sport 45ft, 4 Unlink route
7 Ma and Pa in Kettle
5.7 Mixed 50ft, 3 Unlink route

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