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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Calico Basin Red Spring Area Moderate Mecca
5.10+ Side Effects

Not on the main wall, but on a pinnacle which is below the east end of the approach ledge.

Sport 7
5.7 Unknown 5.7
Unknown 10m
5.9 Bad Soup

Start on block below rotten crack, climb along bolt line up and leftwards.

Mixed 8m, 3
5.10 PG Stew on This
Mixed 2
5.10 PG Is It Soup Yet?
Mixed 1
5.10 Chicken Soup for the Soul
Top rope
5.6 Chicken Gumbo for Your Dumbo
Trad 10m
5.6 Soupy Sales
Trad 10m
5.7 From Soup to Nuts
Trad 10m
5.9 The Singing Love Pen
5.8 Valentine's Day
Trad 15m
5.10+ Ace of Hearts
5.10d Immoral
Trad 24m
5.9 Pending Disaster
5.9 A2 Pending Project
5.3 Penny Lane
5.4 Abbey Road

A narrow crack on a slab about 10 feet to the left of the corner. Fun and easy, can probably be led with all passive gear.

Trad 28m
5.8 PG Fleet Street

Starts about 10' left of Abbey road -- look for a couple bolts in the slabby face.

Very very run-out on lead, bad ground-fall potential, poor gear other than the widely spaced bolts.

Mixed 2
5.8 Muckraker
Trad 18m
5.10 Scalawag
5.8 PG Boodler
5.6 Carpetbagger
5.10 Mugwump

TR from the common anchor -- start on the boulder and pull up the steep/overhanging pink face to easier ground.

Top rope
5.9 The Haj
5.7 PG Sir Climbalot
5.7 The Route to Mecca
5.9 R Treacherous Journey
5.11a Feelin' Groovy
Mixed 15m, 7
Calico Basin Red Spring Area Jabba The Hut Rock
5.4 Han Soloing
Trad 21m
5.8 Han Soloing Variation 1
5.10 Han Soloing Variaion 2
5.9 Aliens Have Landed
Trad 25m
5.8 Carrie Fissure
Trad 21m
5.8 X Obie-One Keone
Trad 21m
5.8 Unknown 1

Unknown sport route left of Shallow Fried Crackin. Good face climb. Anchor bolts.

Sport 21m, 7
5.8 Unknown 2

Face climb to the right of Shallow fried Crackin. Good face climb. Anchor bolts.-

Sport 21m, 7
5.9 PG Shallow Fried Cracken

Crack is generally too shallow for jamming but lots of face moves keep the climbing pretty mellow. Protection is tricky with lots of passive placements and generally small cams. Tricams will work here. Bolted anchors.

Trad 21m
5.10- R Gold Bikini and Cinnamon Bun Hairdo
Mixed 24m, 1
Calico Basin Red Spring Area Red Spring Rock
5.10+ Attack Dogs
Trad 27m
5.8 R Welcome to N.I.M.B.Y. Town
Mixed 27m, 4
5.9 R Flying Pumpkin
Trad 27m
5.8 Classic Corner

I really liked this route as a lead. It is 5.8 if you use holds on the face, 5.9 if you stay in the crack. Protection is abundant although there are a couple of run outs.

Trad 46m
5.6 Badger's Buttress
Trad 30m
5.10 Rocky Road
Trad 37m
5.12+ Love on the Rocks
Mixed 18m, 5
5.11 Allied Forces
Trad 18m
5.12- Contempt of Court
Mixed 27m, 9
5.10 Habeas Corpus
Trad 12m
5.10+ Haberdasher
Trad 12m
5.10d PG Boulder Dash
Trad 30m
5.9 PG Black Licorice
Mixed 37m, 2
5.8 Red Vines
Trad 37m
Calico Basin Red Spring Area Coco Crag
5.9 Hidden Meaning

Climb the face on the right inside the chimney.

Top rope 27m
5.9 Coco Puffs
Trad 27m
5.10b Cocopuss

Left bolt line - climbs the arete just to the right of the big chimney.

Sport 18m, 9
5.11a Snagglepuss
Sport 24m
5.10d Stupid Cat

Bolt route just to the right of Cocopuss.

Sport 17m
5.8 Fontanar de Rojo
Trad 46m
5.7 Ruta de Roja
Trad 46m
5.9 Moon where the wind blows
Sport 20m
5.8 Adventure Guppies
Sport 43m
Calico Basin Red Spring Area Cannibal Crag East Side
5.12a Maneater
Sport 8m, 4
5.12d Wonderstuff
Sport 9m
5.12c New Wave Hookers
Sport 11m
5.12b Fear this Sport
Sport 9m
5.8 PG Caliban
Mixed 24m, 3
5.4 Cannibal Crack
Trad 27m
5.10d PG Baseboy
Mixed 18m, 4
5.11a Baseboy Direct
Sport 18m, 7
5.12a Save the Heart to Eat Later
Sport 18m
5.11c Pickled
Sport 15m
5.11b PG Caustic

The obvious arrete at the front of the crag.

Sport 15m
Calico Basin Red Spring Area Cannibal Crag West Side
5.11c Have a Beer with Fear
Sport 9m, 4
5.11+ Fear This
Sport 9m, 3
5.10d Elbows of Mac and Ronnie
Sport 14m, 4
5.9 What's Eating You?

FA: Todd Swain, Randy Schenkel & and Andy Schenkel

Sport 14m, 3
5.8 A Man in Every Pot

FA: Debbie Brenchley & Todd Swain

Sport 12m, 3
5.10- Mac and Ronnie in Cheese

FA: Todd Swain & Debbie Brenchley

Sport 14m, 4
5.7 Ma and Pa in Kettle
Mixed 15m, 3
Calico Basin Red Spring Area Cannibal Crag Nearby Stuff
5.10+ Shit Howdy
Trad 15m
5.11 Risk Brothers Roof
Trad 18m
5.9 Zona Rosa
Trad 12m
5.6 X Shishka Bob
Calico Basin Red Spring Area Riding Hood Wall
5.8 Riding Hood

Climb the large varnished corner on the left side.

Trad 110m
5.9 Big Bad Wolf

Featured in Climbing magazine's "America's Best 100 sport climbs" (Oct 2015). The rock is a little hollow in places, but well bolted. All pitches have a 5.9 crux which makes this route a sensational journey up a beautiful wall.

The bolted route between Red Riding Hood and Physical Grafitti, starting off raised platform left of Physical Graffiti.

P1) 70ft, 5.9, steep juggy wall. 8 bolts.

P2) 80ft, 5.8, slabby friction climbing. 8 bolts.

P3) 70ft, 5.8, a little friction, then steep juggy finish to anchor. 8 bolts.


Option 1) climb a 4th pitch of low 5th class past 2 bolts to another anchor, maybe 30 foot, then walk off climber's left and down the descent gully.

Option 2) Rappel from the top of pitch 3, 2 x 60m ropes reach the ground with about 1 foot spare, make sure your 60m ropes are 60m!

Option 3) Rappel the route with 3 single rope rappels.

FA: Dan Young, L Gallia & E Allen, 2011

Sport 67m, 3, 26
5.6 Physical Graffiti

P1: start on scrubby vertical arĂȘte with lots of features and a crack for pro. Follow crack past small roof to ledge. P2: Move right to steep corner crack and continue to top. Rap station is on the backside, to the right.

FA: Jon Martinet, Randal Grandstaff & Scott Gordon

Trad 94m, 2
5.9 Over the Hill to Grandmother's House

A tight corner that goes through a roof and continues up a crack to the bolted anchors of the first pitch of Physical Graffiti.

FA: Bob Logerquist & John Williamson

Trad 38m
5.9 PG Lil' Red
Trad 46m
5.9 Lil Red - variation

About 1/2 way up Lil Red, face climb across to a long crack system and follow it to the top.

Trad 91m
Calico Basin Red Spring Area Ranch Hands Crag
5.11a Payless Cashways
5.11- Spanky
5.11b Mexican Secret Agent Man
5.11c Swilderness Experience
5.12c Swilderness Permit
5.11 Roman Meal
5.4 X Roman Hands
5.12c Jack Officers
5.12c Ranch Hands
5.10 X Blood Stains
5.10+ The Fox

Not really part of Ranch Hands Crag, this is up above Ranch Hands and Dickie Cliff -- about mid-way between the two of them.

A clean-cut right-facing corner.

Trad 35m

Showing 1 - 100 out of more than 1,000 routes.