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In Aug 2014 theCrag community made 22,175 updates and and added 453 new members.

Rank Climber Karma
1 323points
2 Horizen 90points
3 J Hart 83points
4 Jeffrey Fortuna 24points
5 Dustin Siegel 17points
6 Dave Crux 16points
7 blake 7points
8 Dan Gould 5points
8 Jacob Josef 5points
10 Steve Marr 4points
11 Luke 3points
11 Ben 3points
11 Ty 3points
11 Jan Foniok 3points
15 christopher magness 2points
15 Simon Williams 2points
15 Tim Babcock 2points
15 Ned Fox 2points
15 charles philippe clermont 2points
15 chris byers 2points
15 Brian Pardo 2points
15 Tim Reddy 2points
23 Kaci Holbrook 1point
23 Max Besen 1point
23 Bill Matsinger 1point

Showing all 25 climbers

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