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Table of contents

1. Sam's Throne 66 routes in Crag

Unknown, Sport and Aid

Long/Lat: -93.052020, 35.871069

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 *** Edge of Flight 5.10dUnknown 79ft
2 *** Patio Direct 5.9Unknown 66ft
3 ** White Trash 5.9Unknown 49ft
4 * Bash the Jugs 5.6Unknown 46ft
5 Poison Ivy 5.8Unknown
6 Albino Rhino 5.7Unknown
7 Instant Karma 5.10cUnknown
8 Diamond in the Moss 5.11Unknown
9 User Friendly 5.9Unknown
10 Fatal Attraction 5.11Unknown
11 Cinnamon Girl 5 5.11cUnknown
12 Euthanasia 5.13aSport
13 Blueberry Bagel 5.7Unknown
14 Karp Fin 5.10dSport
15 Say No to Jugs 5.10aSport
16 Word 5.8Unknown
17 House of Healing 5.11+Sport
18 Jug Me Tender 5.10aSport
19 Lonely Lizard 5.11Unknown
20 Yin and Yang 5.12aSport
21 Spank Me 5.10aSport
22 Sonic Love Jugs 5.11+Unknown
23 Outback Traverse 5.10+Unknown
24 Cling to Evil 5.12bSport
25 Shortest Straw 5.10+Unknown
26 Water into Wine 5.11Unknown
27 Incognito 5.10Unknown
28 Black Thunder 5.12Unknown
29 Arachnophobia 5.8Unknown
30 Sucker Punch 5.11Unknown
31 FSB 5.11Sport
32 Head Lice 5.11Unknown
33 Battle of the Bulge 5.10Unknown
34 Coup D'etat 5.10+Unknown
35 Ode to a Portly Man 5.11Sport
36 Chicken Head Wall 5.6 to 5.8Unknown
37 *** Windy Armbuster 5.10+Unknown
38 Job 3:25 5.10Unknown
39 *** Arkansas Reality 5.11+Unknown
40 Dead Dog 5.11Sport
41 Second Adam 5.11Unknown
42 Inherit the Wind 5.10bUnknown
43 China Doll 5.9Unknown
44 Purple Pinky Blues 5.11+Unknown
45 Smoke in your Eyes 5.9Unknown
46 Are The Dead Alive Now? NO 5.12Unknown
47 Dry County 5.11Unknown
48 Total Trash 5.11dUnknown
49 White Trash Direct 5.12bUnknown
50 Too Thick to Navigate 5.8Unknown
51 Dreadlock Rasta A2+Aid
52 Quantum Leap 5.12Unknown
53 Wisdom and Folly 5.11cSport
54 Fastback 5.11bUnknown
55 Speak No Evil 5.11dUnknown
56 Silent Power 5.11dUnknown 2
57 Prophets of Baal 5.11+Unknown
58 Painted Warrior 5.12Sport 2
59 Insidious 5.11bSport
60 Fu Man Chu 5.12aSport
61 Boston Rag 5.7Unknown
62 * Fun Way 5.6Unknown
63 Whiff of a Dead Dog Unknown
64 Swamp Thing 5.10cUnknown
65 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 5.10cUnknown
66 Arkansas Roofs 101 5.10aUnknown

1.1. Prohibition 0 routes in Area

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
5.6 * Bash the Jugs Unknown 46ft
* Fun Way Unknown
5.7 Albino Rhino Unknown
Blueberry Bagel Unknown
Boston Rag Unknown
5.6 to 5.8 Chicken Head Wall Unknown
5.8 Arachnophobia Unknown
Poison Ivy Unknown
Too Thick to Navigate Unknown
Word Unknown
5.9 China Doll Unknown
*** Patio Direct Unknown 66ft
Smoke in your Eyes Unknown
User Friendly Unknown
** White Trash Unknown 49ft
5.10a Arkansas Roofs 101 Unknown
Jug Me Tender Sport
Say No to Jugs Sport
Spank Me Sport
5.10b Inherit the Wind Unknown
5.10c Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Unknown
Instant Karma Unknown
Swamp Thing Unknown
5.10 Battle of the Bulge Unknown
Incognito Unknown
Job 3:25 Unknown
5.10d *** Edge of Flight Unknown 79ft
Karp Fin Sport
5.10+ Coup D'etat Unknown
Outback Traverse Unknown
Shortest Straw Unknown
*** Windy Armbuster Unknown
5.11b Fastback Unknown
Insidious Sport
5.11c Cinnamon Girl 5 Unknown
Wisdom and Folly Sport
5.11 Dead Dog Sport
Diamond in the Moss Unknown
Dry County Unknown
FSB Sport
Fatal Attraction Unknown
Head Lice Unknown
Lonely Lizard Unknown
Ode to a Portly Man Sport
Second Adam Unknown
Sucker Punch Unknown
Water into Wine Unknown
5.11d Silent Power Unknown 2
Speak No Evil Unknown
Total Trash Unknown
5.11+ *** Arkansas Reality Unknown
House of Healing Sport
Prophets of Baal Unknown
Purple Pinky Blues Unknown
Sonic Love Jugs Unknown
5.12a Fu Man Chu Sport
Yin and Yang Sport
5.12b Cling to Evil Sport
White Trash Direct Unknown
5.12 Are The Dead Alive Now? NO Unknown
Black Thunder Unknown
Painted Warrior Sport 2
Quantum Leap Unknown
5.13a Euthanasia Sport
? Whiff of a Dead Dog Unknown
A2+ Dreadlock Rasta Aid