Topo #3430

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Area Type
7 Amphitheater

This boulder is just down hill from Moby Dick, and has lots of problems, more than detailed here, on it. Most every face, arĂȘte, eliminate or other variant has been climbed. It is named for the scooping "bowl"-shape south face.

Boulder Unlink area
8 Syncrhonicity

A large boulder near the top center of the valley.

Boulder Unlink area
9 Moby Dick
Boulder Unlink area
10 Bullethole Wall & American Express

This is, basically, the north shoulder of Moby Dick.

Boulder Unlink area
11 East Mudball
Boulder Unlink area
12 West Mudball

A smallish boulder a bit past (north of/uphill from) "Moby Dick". It is set into the hill-side providing an easy descent down the back side, and has three obvious cracks up the front.

Boulder Unlink area
13 Bee Hive Boulders

A cluster of three or so boulders just uphill and behind "Moby Dick".

Boulder Unlink area