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Idyllic setting in the gorgeous West Virgina hill country. Secluded, yet popular, this crag leaves a lasting impression with all its climbing visitors. Rock type: Tuscarora quartzite


Steep routes on great rock. One to four-pitch (most routes are 2-3 pitches), predominantly trad-protected climbs. Climbing varies, but typically includes 90-degree right/left facing corners with crack between face and corner, vertical finger-to-hand size cracks, and face climbing between ledges. Fore warned is fore armed! Seneca difficulty ratings ARE sandbagged. Understand that most 5.7 and above at Seneca requires significant trad experience, including good gear placement, rope management, and a cool head on steep, exposed rock. Some 5.8s and 5.9s at Seneca are rightfully considered quite serious, and are thought of as 5.10s relative to other crags.

Access issues

Access is free to the public and only restricted due to weather. April through October are typically warm enough, but frequent rain is an issue.



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