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Table of contents

1. Guides' Wall 142 routes in Area

Mostly Unknown
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Hawk

FA: Willie Crowther, Gardner and Marry Perry

5.5Trad 230ft
2 Chimango 5.9Unknown
3 Peregrine 5.8Unknown
4 Reach Of Faith 5.10Unknown
5 ** Southern Pillar 5.2Unknown
6 Southern Pillar Direct Finish 5.7Unknown
7 Columbia 5.9Unknown
8 Columbia Variation 5.9Unknown
9 *** Madame Grunnebaum's Wulst

FA: Hans Kraus and Harry Snyder

5.6Trad 230ft 3
10 Madame Grunnebaum's Sorrow 5.8Unknown
11 * G Forces 5.10Unknown
12 G Forces Variation 5.10Unknown
13 ** Mr. P's Wurst 5.7 PG13Unknown
14 * Northern Pillar

FA: Hans Kraus and Susan Simon

5.2Unknown 230ft
15 Fingerlocks or Cedar Box 5.5Unknown 60ft
16 Cemetery Wall 5.8Unknown
17 *** Le Teton 5.9Unknown
18 * Hyjek's Horror

FA: Mike Hyjek and John Lomont

5.8Unknown 60ft
19 Twin Oaks 5.3Unknown
20 Triple Bulges 5.5Unknown
21 Delusions Of Grandeur 5.9Unknown
22 Willie's Weep 5.2Unknown
23 Don't Shoot 5.6Unknown
24 Lat-on The Season 5.7Unknown
25 Gleet Street 5.8 RUnknown
26 Funny Face 5.5Unknown
27 Son Of Bitchy Virgin 5.6Unknown
28 Immaculate Conception 5.6Unknown
29 Bitchy Virgin 5.6Unknown
30 Unnamed 1 5.2Unknown
31 * Dis-Mantle 5.10Unknown
32 * Dat-Mantle 5.10Unknown
33 Kernmantle 5.8Unknown
34 * High Times 5.9Unknown
35 Stop The Presses Mr. Williams 5.8Unknown
36 Osteo-Path 5.8Unknown
37 ** Raunchy 5.8Unknown
38 ** Wild Horses 5.9 PG13Unknown
39 Gory Thumb 5.8Unknown
40 Everybody Needs Thumbody 5.9Unknown
41 Badfinger 5.9Unknown
42 Sword of Damocles 5.9Unknown
43 Sort of Damocles 5.7Unknown
44 * HELP! 5.11+Unknown
45 PLEH! 5.12Unknown
46 ** V-3

FA: Hans Kraus, Ken Prestrud, and Bonnie Prudden

5.7Unknown 98ft
47 * Galactic Hitchhikers 5.9Unknown
48 * V-3 Direct 5.7Unknown
49 * City Streets

FA: John Stannard and Pat Milligan

5.10bUnknown 200ft
50 ** Country Roads 5.10Unknown
51 * Metropolis 5.11Unknown
52 ** Commando Rave 5.9Unknown
53 Un-Appealing Ceiling 5.9 RUnknown
54 ** Balrog 5.10Unknown
55 Balrog Escape (Bridge of Khaza-dum) 5.9Unknown
56 * Bullfrong 5.12 RUnknown
57 Sheep Thrills (aka Blind Alley) 5.9 PG13Unknown
58 Dry Heaves 5.8Unknown
59 ** Alley Oop 5.7Unknown
60 * Cheap Thrills 5.10+Unknown
61 Deep Chills 5.11 RUnknown
62 * Cakewalk 5.7Unknown
63 Nurdland 5.10 RUnknown
64 ** Turdland 5.9Unknown
65 Turdland, The Original Aid Line 5.10+Unknown
66 * Triangle 5.9Unknown
67 Triangle Variation 5.9Unknown
68 Never More 5.10 RUnknown
69 Never Better 5.9Unknown
70 *** Never Say Never 5.10Unknown
71 *** Never Never Land

FA: FA: Art Gran, Dave Craft, and Jim McCarthy, FFA: Jim McCarthy and George Hurley

5.10-Unknown 100ft
72 J'Accuse 5.10Unknown
73 Welcome To My Nightmare 5.10 XUnknown
74 ** Absurdland

FA: Jim McCarthy and George Bloom

75 Blunderbus 5.9 RUnknown
76 Wise Crack

FA: Art Gran and Pete "The Greek" Vlachos

77 Wiseland 5.9 RUnknown
78 * Wonderland 5.8Trad
79 Wonderland Variation 5.9 RUnknown
80 Faithless Journey 5.8Unknown
81 ** Middle Earth

FA: Joe Kelsey and Roman Laba

5.7Trad 260ft
82 Rhun 5.7Unknown
83 * Bombs Away Dream Baby 5.8Unknown
84 Journey's End 5.10Unknown
85 Red's Ruin 5.2Unknown
86 Pigeon And Smegma Garden Class 4Unknown
87 Snowpatch 5.5Unknown
88 Pigpen 5.6 RUnknown
89 ** Thin Slabs 5.7Unknown
90 ** Sente 5.8Trad
91 Yenta 5.10Unknown
92 ** Thin Slabs Variation 5.7Trad
93 * On Any Monday 5.11Unknown
94 Snake 5.7Unknown
95 Just Like Bayards 5.8Unknown
96 Talus Of Powder 5.8Unknown
97 Steep Hikin' 5.7 RUnknown
98 Red's Arete 5.9Unknown
99 * Red Pillar 5.4Unknown 200ft
100 * Deep Lichen 5.10 RUnknown
101 Hawkeye 5.9Unknown
102 *** Three Doves 5.9Trad 230ft
103 *** Annie Oh!

FA: Ivan Rezucha, Annie O'Neill, Rod Swartz, and Maury Jaffe

5.8Trad 220ft
104 Road Less Travelled 5.9Unknown
105 Scimitar 5.7Unknown
106 *** Limelight

FA: Dick Williams and Art Gran

5.7Unknown 170ft
107 *** Arrow

FA: Willie Crowther and Gardiner Perry

5.8Unknown 200ft
108 Quiver 5.9Unknown
109 Quiver Variation 5.10+Unknown
110 * Easy Verschneidung (aka Easy V) 5.2Trad
111 Cold Turkeys 5.9Unknown
112 Cold Turkeys Variation 5.9Unknown
113 * Nurse's Aid 5.10 PG13Unknown
114 ** Supper's Ready 5.12Unknown
115 ** Han's Puss 5.7Unknown
116 Fast Food 5.10+Unknown
117 ** The Feast Of Fools 5.10Unknown
118 Too Old To Know Better 5.8 RUnknown
119 *** Feast of Fools 5.10bUnknown
120 * Proctoscope 5.9Unknown
121 Snagglepuss 5.8Unknown
122 Proctor-Silex 5.9Unknown
123 ** Silhoutte 5.7Unknown
124 Silhoutte Variation 5.8Unknown
125 ** Man's Quest For Flight 5.11Unknown
126 Skeletal Remains 5.11+ XUnknown
127 * Traverse Of The Clods 5.8Unknown
128 The Zone 5.13 RUnknown
129 ** Twilight Zone 5.6 A2Aid
130 ** Andrew

FA: Hans Kraus, Fritz Wiessner, and Bonnie Prudden

5.4Trad 230ft
131 Moby Dick 5.8Unknown
132 Goldner's Grunge Class 4Unknown
133 Android 5.10Unknown
134 Amber Waves Of Pain 5.9Unknown
135 Three Vultures 5.9Unknown
136 Three Vultures Variation 5.10Unknown
137 ** Face To Face 5.10Unknown
138 * No Glow 5.9Unknown
139 Shell Shock 5.10+Unknown
140 Keep On Struttin' 5.9Unknown
141 Wop Stop 5.11Unknown
142 *** Hans Puss 5.7Unknown

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
Class 4 Goldner's Grunge Unknown
Pigeon And Smegma Garden Unknown
5.2 * Easy Verschneidung (aka Easy V) Trad
* Northern Pillar Unknown 230ft
Red's Ruin Unknown
** Southern Pillar Unknown
Unnamed 1 Unknown
Willie's Weep Unknown
5.3 Twin Oaks Unknown
5.4 ** Andrew Trad 230ft
* Red Pillar Unknown 200ft
5.5 Fingerlocks or Cedar Box Unknown 60ft
Funny Face Unknown
** Hawk Trad 230ft
Snowpatch Unknown
Triple Bulges Unknown
5.6 Bitchy Virgin Unknown
Don't Shoot Unknown
Immaculate Conception Unknown
*** Madame Grunnebaum's Wulst Trad 230ft 3
Pigpen Unknown
Son Of Bitchy Virgin Unknown
Wise Crack Trad
5.6 A2 ** Twilight Zone Aid
5.7 ** Alley Oop Unknown
* Cakewalk Unknown
** Han's Puss Unknown
*** Hans Puss Unknown
Lat-on The Season Unknown
*** Limelight Unknown 170ft
** Middle Earth Trad 260ft
** Mr. P's Wurst Unknown
Rhun Unknown
Scimitar Unknown
** Silhoutte Unknown
Snake Unknown
Sort of Damocles Unknown
Southern Pillar Direct Finish Unknown
Steep Hikin' Unknown
** Thin Slabs Unknown
** Thin Slabs Variation Trad
** V-3 Unknown 98ft
* V-3 Direct Unknown
5.8 ** Absurdland Trad
*** Annie Oh! Trad 220ft
*** Arrow Unknown 200ft
* Bombs Away Dream Baby Unknown
Cemetery Wall Unknown
Dry Heaves Unknown
Faithless Journey Unknown
Gleet Street Unknown
Gory Thumb Unknown
* Hyjek's Horror Unknown 60ft
Just Like Bayards Unknown
Kernmantle Unknown
Madame Grunnebaum's Sorrow Unknown
Moby Dick Unknown
Osteo-Path Unknown
Peregrine Unknown
** Raunchy Unknown
** Sente Trad
Silhoutte Variation Unknown
Snagglepuss Unknown
Stop The Presses Mr. Williams Unknown
Talus Of Powder Unknown
Too Old To Know Better Unknown
* Traverse Of The Clods Unknown
* Wonderland Trad
5.9 Amber Waves Of Pain Unknown
Badfinger Unknown
Balrog Escape (Bridge of Khaza-dum) Unknown
Blunderbus Unknown
Chimango Unknown
Cold Turkeys Unknown
Cold Turkeys Variation Unknown
Columbia Unknown
Columbia Variation Unknown
** Commando Rave Unknown
Delusions Of Grandeur Unknown
Everybody Needs Thumbody Unknown
* Galactic Hitchhikers Unknown
Hawkeye Unknown
* High Times Unknown
Keep On Struttin' Unknown
*** Le Teton Unknown
Never Better Unknown
* No Glow Unknown
Proctor-Silex Unknown
* Proctoscope Unknown
Quiver Unknown
Red's Arete Unknown
Road Less Travelled Unknown
Sheep Thrills (aka Blind Alley) Unknown
Sword of Damocles Unknown
*** Three Doves Trad 230ft
Three Vultures Unknown
* Triangle Unknown
Triangle Variation Unknown
** Turdland Unknown
Un-Appealing Ceiling Unknown
** Wild Horses Unknown
Wiseland Unknown
Wonderland Variation Unknown
5.10- *** Never Never Land Unknown 100ft
5.10b * City Streets Unknown 200ft
*** Feast of Fools Unknown
5.10 Android Unknown
** Balrog Unknown
** Country Roads Unknown
* Dat-Mantle Unknown
* Deep Lichen Unknown
* Dis-Mantle Unknown
** Face To Face Unknown
* G Forces Unknown
G Forces Variation Unknown
J'Accuse Unknown
Journey's End Unknown
Never More Unknown
*** Never Say Never Unknown
Nurdland Unknown
* Nurse's Aid Unknown
Reach Of Faith Unknown
** The Feast Of Fools Unknown
Three Vultures Variation Unknown
Welcome To My Nightmare Unknown
Yenta Unknown
5.10+ * Cheap Thrills Unknown
Fast Food Unknown
Quiver Variation Unknown
Shell Shock Unknown
Turdland, The Original Aid Line Unknown
5.11 Deep Chills Unknown
** Man's Quest For Flight Unknown
* Metropolis Unknown
* On Any Monday Unknown
Wop Stop Unknown
5.11+ * HELP! Unknown
Skeletal Remains Unknown
5.12 * Bullfrong Unknown
PLEH! Unknown
** Supper's Ready Unknown
5.13 The Zone Unknown