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Table of contents

1. Sleepy Hollow 86 routes in Area

All Unknown
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Frustration Syndrome 5.10Unknown
2 * The Stand 5.11Unknown
3 Coproghagia 5.10Unknown
4 Coproghagia Variant 5.11Unknown
5 ** Wasp 5.9Unknown
6 Back To The Future (aka AP) 5.10Unknown
7 Expedition To Nowhere 5.10 RUnknown
8 Sticky Gate 5.4Unknown
9 Mud, Sweat, And Tears 5.9Unknown
10 Mud, Sweat, And Tears Redirect 5.9Unknown
11 Mud, Sweat, And Tears Direct 5.10Unknown
12 Withering Heights 5.11Unknown
13 ** Moondance 5.7Unknown
14 Sundance

FA: Jim McCarthy and John Rupley

5.6Unknown 110ft
15 Ghostdance 5.7Unknown
16 Raindance 5.5Unknown
17 Contradance 5.6Unknown 59ft
18 Roger's Escape Hatch Class 4Unknown
19 * Casa Emilio 5.2Unknown 150ft
20 Casa Emilio Variant 5.5Unknown
21 Creaky Joints And Trigger Points 5.10Unknown
22 The Devil Made Me Do It 5.9 RUnknown
23 You Bet Your Bipple (aka Almost Pure And Simple) 5.8Unknown
24 Strings Attached 5.12Unknown
25 * Casablanca 5.8Unknown
26 Emilio 5.7Unknown
27 Casanova 5.8Unknown
28 Casanova Overhang Variant 5.9Unknown
29 Independent Hangover 5.10+ RUnknown
30 * Yo Mama 5.10Unknown
31 Worp Factor 1 5.11 PG13Unknown
32 Interstellar Overdrive 5.8Unknown
33 Emilietta 5.3Unknown
34 Counter Strike 5.9Unknown
35 * Sudden Death 5.8 XUnknown
36 * Trigger Point 5.6Unknown
37 Trigger Point Variant 5.7 RUnknown
38 Trigger Happy 5.7Unknown
39 Krazy Krack 5.6Unknown
40 Crack Of Despondency 5.4Unknown
41 Pfui Teufel 5.3Unknown
42 Four Foot Face 5.3Unknown
43 Tom's Thumb, Left Hand 5.4Unknown
44 Future Shock 5.12 RUnknown
45 Future Shock Direct Finish 5.12Unknown
46 Meat Byproducts 5.10+ RUnknown
47 The Numbers Racket 5.12Unknown
48 All Thumbs (aka Art's Route) 5.9Unknown
49 Thumbs Up 5.8Unknown
50 * Renaissance 5.12 RUnknown
51 Modern Love 5.12+Unknown
52 Thom's Thumb, Right Hand 5.10Unknown
53 Ranger's Revenge 5.5Unknown
54 True Brit 5.7Unknown
55 The Circumcisor 5.12 PG13Unknown
56 ** Bone Hard 5.12Unknown
57 Death's Head Mask 5.12+ RUnknown
58 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 5.12+ PG13Unknown
59 ** 10,000 Restless Virgins 5.10+Unknown
60 * Dick's Prick (aka Richard's Spire) 5.6Unknown
61 Foreign Lesion 5.10Unknown
62 * Rise to The Occasion 5.11 RUnknown
63 Circumcision 5.7Unknown
64 Penal Colony 5.7Unknown
65 V.D. 5.10Unknown
66 Penis Colada 5.9 XUnknown
67 Chirpies 5.10+ RUnknown
68 The Lone Ranger 5.3Unknown
69 After The Prick 5.4Unknown
70 The Deadline 5.9 RUnknown
71 *** Wegetables 5.10Unknown
72 Shut Up and Eat Your Greens 5.12Unknown
73 Wegetables Variant 2 5.10+Unknown
74 Wegetables Variant 3 5.9Unknown
75 Wegetables Variant 4 5.11+Unknown
76 * Tennish Anyone? 5.10Unknown
77 Hawaii Five-Ten 5.10Unknown
78 Foot Loose 5.8Unknown
79 The Boron Destroyer 5.10Unknown
80 Fancy Free 5.8Unknown
81 Alligator Alley 5.9Unknown
82 The Headless Horseman 5.10Unknown
83 Crustacean Syndrome 5.8Unknown
84 Slime World 5.12Unknown
85 Swamp Gas 5.10+Unknown
86 A Long Walk For Man 5.4Unknown

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
Class 4 Roger's Escape Hatch Unknown
5.2 * Casa Emilio Unknown 150ft
5.3 Emilietta Unknown
Four Foot Face Unknown
Pfui Teufel Unknown
The Lone Ranger Unknown
5.4 A Long Walk For Man Unknown
After The Prick Unknown
Crack Of Despondency Unknown
Sticky Gate Unknown
Tom's Thumb, Left Hand Unknown
5.5 Casa Emilio Variant Unknown
Raindance Unknown
Ranger's Revenge Unknown
5.6 Contradance Unknown 59ft
* Dick's Prick (aka Richard's Spire) Unknown
Krazy Krack Unknown
Sundance Unknown 110ft
* Trigger Point Unknown
5.7 Circumcision Unknown
Emilio Unknown
Ghostdance Unknown
** Moondance Unknown
Penal Colony Unknown
Trigger Happy Unknown
Trigger Point Variant Unknown
True Brit Unknown
5.8 * Casablanca Unknown
Casanova Unknown
Crustacean Syndrome Unknown
Fancy Free Unknown
Foot Loose Unknown
Interstellar Overdrive Unknown
* Sudden Death Unknown
Thumbs Up Unknown
You Bet Your Bipple (aka Almost Pure And Simple) Unknown
5.9 All Thumbs (aka Art's Route) Unknown
Alligator Alley Unknown
Casanova Overhang Variant Unknown
Counter Strike Unknown
Mud, Sweat, And Tears Unknown
Mud, Sweat, And Tears Redirect Unknown
Penis Colada Unknown
The Deadline Unknown
The Devil Made Me Do It Unknown
** Wasp Unknown
Wegetables Variant 3 Unknown
5.10 Back To The Future (aka AP) Unknown
Coproghagia Unknown
Creaky Joints And Trigger Points Unknown
Expedition To Nowhere Unknown
Foreign Lesion Unknown
** Frustration Syndrome Unknown
Hawaii Five-Ten Unknown
Mud, Sweat, And Tears Direct Unknown
* Tennish Anyone? Unknown
The Boron Destroyer Unknown
The Headless Horseman Unknown
Thom's Thumb, Right Hand Unknown
V.D. Unknown
*** Wegetables Unknown
* Yo Mama Unknown
5.10+ ** 10,000 Restless Virgins Unknown
Chirpies Unknown
Independent Hangover Unknown
Meat Byproducts Unknown
Swamp Gas Unknown
Wegetables Variant 2 Unknown
5.11 Coproghagia Variant Unknown
* Rise to The Occasion Unknown
* The Stand Unknown
Withering Heights Unknown
Worp Factor 1 Unknown
5.11+ Wegetables Variant 4 Unknown
5.12 ** Bone Hard Unknown
Future Shock Unknown
Future Shock Direct Finish Unknown
* Renaissance Unknown
Shut Up and Eat Your Greens Unknown
Slime World Unknown
Strings Attached Unknown
The Circumcisor Unknown
The Numbers Racket Unknown
5.12+ Death's Head Mask Unknown
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Unknown
Modern Love Unknown