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Table of contents

1. Sonora Pass 84 routes in Crag

Trad, Sport and other styles

Long/Lat: -120.000596, 38.198640

1.1. Columbia 0 routes in Area


Adventure limestone bouldering with a Cowboy Western feel.

1.2. Table Mountain 47 routes in Crag

Sport, Trad and Unknown

Long/Lat: -120.460160, 37.926994

Access Issues:

Access at Table Mountain can be tenuous, with easements providing limited access along private property. Make sure to check the Access Fund (http://status.accessfund.org/) for current restrictions, and always be respectful of the property owners.

1.2.1. The Fissures 0 routes in Cliff

1.2.2. The Grotto 25 routes in Cliff

Trad and Sport

Long/Lat: -120.463582, 37.925984 Lower Main Wall 15 routes in Sector
Trad and Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Prime Directive

Crux in the middle, runout at the top on 5.8 moves. 2-bolt top anchor.

FFA: David Clay, 1995

5.10c R Sport 80ft, 7
2 ** Granted / The Crack

2-bolt top anchor shared with 'Hole in the Wall'.

5.9 Mixed 40ft, 2
3 * Hole In The Wall

Pro to 2". 2-bolt top anchor shared with the 'Granted' is also the start for 'Ejection Seat'.

FFA: Dave Clay, Grant Hiskes, 1993

5.10a Mixed 40ft, 2
4 ** Three Fingered Jack

2-bolt top anchor. Pro to 1.5".

FFA: Grant Hiskes, Ken Yager, Dave Bengston

5.10b Trad 60ft
5 * Snake Bite

2-bolt top anchor. Small to medium pro.

FFA: Peter Croft, 1989

5.11b Trad 40ft
6 *** Rawhide

Aesthetic and sustained finger crack. For the full grade, avoid stemming to the right. Pro to 2.5", but mostly 0.5-1.5".

FFA: Grant Hiskes, Mike Barker, 1991

5.10d Trad 40ft
7 ** Rawhide (variation)

Stemming to the right brings the grade down to 5.10b.

5.10b Trad 40ft
8 * Men's Crisis Center

2-bolt top anchor. Pro to 1".

FFA: Phil Bone, 1993

5.12a Mixed 50ft, 4
9 ** Table Manners

2-bolt top anchor with old, worn cold-shuts. Pro: standard rack.

FFA: Grant Hiskes, Mike Barker, 1991

5.9 Trad 40ft
10 *** AC Devil Dog / The Refrigerator

Sustained friction climbing up the double arêtes on the largest column of basalt at the Grotto. 2-bolt top anchor shared with 'Table Manners' is also the start for 'Flight Simulator'.

FFA: Mike Stewart, 1991

5.10d Sport 50ft, 5
11 * Bandito

Fingers-to-fists crack to the right of 'AC Devil Dog'. Pro to 4".

FFA: Greg Sauniger

5.8 Trad 50ft
12 * To Pin Or Not To Be

Stem your way up dual thin cracks to the 2-bolt top anchor shared with 'Moss Critique' that is also the start for 'Journey to Find the Sun' and 'Premature Ejection'. Small pro.

FFA: Craig McClenahan, Phil Bone, 1992

5.11a Mixed 50ft, 5
13 * Moss Critique

2-bolt top anchor shared with 'To Pin or not to Be' is also the start for 'Journey to Find the Sun' and Premature Ejection'[20594233].

FFA: Phil Bone, Brian Schmidt, 1992

5.11b Sport 60ft, 5
14 * Trigger Finger

Located left of 'Go with the Flow', and ending at the same 2-bolt top anchor, this mossy seldom climbed route follows the left side of the hanging column. Tricky placements above the start. Pro to 3".

FFA: Dan Mcdevit, Sue Mcdevit, 1992

5.10a Trad 45ft
15 *** Go with the Flow

Hand crack. 2-bolt top anchor shared with 'Trigger Finger'. Pro to 4", but mostly 1"-2".

5.9 Trad 50ft Upper Main Wall 8 routes in Sector
Mostly Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Ejection Seat

Starting from the top of 'Hole In The Wall', power through the sustained overhang to the 2-bolt top anchor.

FFA: John Williams, 1994

5.12a Sport 8
2 ** The Bombadier / Accessive Force

2-bolt top anchor. 7th bolt can be difficult to clip.

FFA: Tom Addison, 1994

5.13a Sport 7
3 *** Flight Simulator

From the top anchor of 'AC Devil Dog' and 'Table Manners', look for the bolt to the right marking the beginning of the route. Manage the pump through the overhang to the 2-bolt top anchor.

FFA: Craig McClenahan, 1994

5.12b Sport 50ft, 2
4 * Premature Ejection

Clip the first bolt shared with 'Journey to Find the Sun' then head up and over the roof. Stop at the first 2-bolt top anchor.

FFA: Troy Corliss, 1995

5.12c Sport 6
5 * Journey To Find The Sun

Start from the top of 'To Pin or Not to Be' and 'Moss Critique', and climb past the first bolt shared with 'Premature Ejection' before heading right. Follow four more bolts before joining 'Premature Ejection' again at the 2-bolt anchor. For the full route, continue up past another bolt and some mossy face climbing to finish at the higher 2-bolt top anchor.

FFA: Craig McClenahan, 1994

5.12b Sport 60ft, 7
6 ** Squeeler / Squealer

Long and sustained overhanging route up the headwall. Starts at the top of 'Go with the Flow' (which can optionally be linked into a single pitch with a 70m rope). Pro to 1.5". Number of bolts is approximate.

FFA: Dan Mcdevit, Sue Mcdevit, 1992

FFA: Grant Hiskes, Ken Yeager, 1995

5.11d Mixed 120ft, 7
7 ** Sidewinder

From the top of 'Go with the Flow', head right to the 2-bolt top anchor shared with 'Chicken Ranch Bingo'.

FFA: Ken Yager, Grant Hiskes, 1991

FFA: Dave Bangston, 1995

5.12a Sport 7
8 ** Chicken Ranch Bingo

Named in part for the white streak of biohazard that seasonally runs down the face of this route. Two of the bolts are old 1/4" bolts, but good bolts are nearby. Extend the first and fourth bolts. The route starts at the edge of the pit, so anchor in the belayer. A 60m rope is required to lower into the pit. 2-bolt top anchor shared with 'Sidewinder'.

FFA: Grant Hiskes, Kirk Hufnagel, Kevin Fosberg, 1991

FFA: Grant Hiskes, 1993

5.10a Sport 80ft, 9 Eastern Front 2 routes in Sector
Trad and Sport

A series of short columns on the far side of the main Grotto area (opposite side from the approach). Anchors can be seen 30-50 ft above the columns on the face.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 D.C. Angel Cat 5.10b Sport 70ft
2 Napolean's Greatest Mistake 5.9 Trad 70ft

1.2.3. The Eastern Front 0 routes in Cliff

1.2.4. The Mid Wall 5 routes in Cliff

All Sport

Long/Lat: -120.462488, 37.926734

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Calamine 5.11b Sport 95ft
2 ** The Giving Tree 5.10d Sport
3 * Mr Fix It 5.12b Sport
4 * Shultz Route 5.12c Sport
5 *** Funn Man 5.11d Sport

1.2.5. The Cave 4 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: -120.463581, 37.926181

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 *** Grotto Monkey 5.12b Sport 25ft
2 ** Sasquatch 5.12b Sport 25ft
3 High Intensity Discharge 5.12b Sport 25ft
4 ** Dwarf Toss 5.12b Sport 25ft

1.2.6. The Ort Wall 6 routes in Sector

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: -120.463845, 37.926046

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Misperception 5.10c Sport
2 * Ort Man Complex 5.10c Unknown
3 * Clip, Clip, "Wow" 5.10d Sport
4 * Geronimo 5.11b Sport
5 * Color Coded Quickdraws 5.10b Sport
6 * Sidesaddle 5.9 Sport

1.2.7. The Welcome Wall 7 routes in Cliff

Sport and Unknown

Long/Lat: -120.463933, 37.925636

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Welcome Mat 5.10b Unknown
2 * Keebler's Revenge 5.11a Sport
3 * Swallow This 5.11c Sport
4 * Wing Of Bat 5.10b Sport
5 ** Uncle Remus 5.11a Sport
6 ** Uncle Remus Direct Start 5.11a R Unknown
7 * Roe vs. Wade 5.9 Unknown

1.2.8. The Far Side 0 routes in Cliff

1.2.9. Senior Wall 0 routes in Cliff

1.2.10. Fort Apache 0 routes in Cliff

1.2.11. Gold Wall 0 routes in Cliff

1.2.12. Jailhouse Rock 0 routes in Crag

1.2.13. The White Room 0 routes in Cliff

1.3. Potter's Rock 0 routes in Area

1.4. Columns of the Giants 0 routes in Area

1.5. Chipmunk Flats 3 routes in Area

All Unknown

1.5.1. Third Buttess 3 routes in Area

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Let The Guilty Hang 5.10c Unknown
2 ** Z-Cracks 5.9 Unknown
3 * You Insolent Peasant 5.9 Unknown

1.5.2. Pink Bluff 0 routes in Area

1.5.3. First Buttress 0 routes in Area

1.5.4. Second Buttress 0 routes in Area

1.5.5. Fourth Buttress 0 routes in Area

1.6. Burst Rock 32 routes in Area

Trad, Top Rope and Sport

Long/Lat: -119.878557, 38.204148


An extensive area of high quality alpine granite, easily accessible off of Highway 108. In addition to lots of roped climbing, there is a lot of bouldering potential in the surrounding area (including on the drive in).


If heading East on Highway 108, take a right on Crabtree Rd a few miles before Pinecrest.

If coming from Pinecrest Lake, follow Dodge Ridge Rd to the Dodge Ridge Ski Resort and take a signposted right turn at the welcome sign for the resort (where the one way loop starts). After a quarter of a mile or so this connects to Crabtree Rd - take a left.

From this junction the routes combine - follow Crabtree Rd to the Bell Meadows turn off. Stay left here on forest road 4N37 and drive all the way to the end, where there are several large parking lots. All of the Burst Rock climbing areas are accessed from this parking lot.

Note: Don't take forest road 4N34 from Dodge Ridge Ski Resort unless you have time to kill and/or want to go exploring. Although it connects to 4N37 at the far end, it's in much poorer condition than 4N37, and is therefore much slower (and could be impassable in early season). Lots of hunters also use this road during hunting season - if you go exploring off the road wear brightly coloured clothes.

1.6.1. Green Acres 0 routes in Area

1.6.2. Baffin 0 routes in Area

1.6.3. FunHouse 0 routes in Area

1.6.4. Gianelli Ledges 32 routes in Area

Trad, Top Rope and Sport

Long/Lat: -119.885019, 38.204484


A great, easily accessible collection of steep, clean granite walls looking out over the valley of the South Fork of the Stanislaus River. A fantastic area for top-roping.


Discovered by Royal Robbins and his Scout Troop, this area has been the focal point of AAC meetups every September for some decades. The Really Hidden Edges 0 routes in Crag Upper 0 routes in Cliff Main 0 routes in Cliff The Hidden Edges 32 routes in Crag
Trad, Top Rope and Sport

Long/Lat: -119.886243, 38.204541


From the parking lot (see Burst Rock access) follow the Gianelli Cabin trail for about 1/4 a mile until the trail almost reaches the same height as the ridge on the left. A climber's trail leads up and left to an old cleared area on the ridge top - cross this to an old square wooden sign post (with no sign) and then pick up a more obvious trail that traverses left and down a steep scree slope.

After crossing a steep, narrow scree gully and dropping down a small rock step, you'll reach a large area of flat white slabs - this is the top of the Genesis wall and is a great place to set up a base camp. Genesis 15 routes in Cliff
Mostly Trad

Long/Lat: -119.885533, 38.203865


The centrepiece of The Hidden Edges.


The access trail arrives on the large slabs at the top of the Genesis Wall.

Descent Notes:

Descend down a narrow chute to the right (facing out).

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Afterthought

Up the cracked block / pinnacle just left of the main wall.

5.5 Trad 30ft
2 * Santa Fe

Double cracks at the left end of the main wall. Double bolt anchor shared with Brodie's Run.

5.8 Trad 35ft
3 ** Brodie's Run

The sustained finger crack with double bolt anchor (shared with Santa Fe).

5.8 Trad 40ft
4 * Primo

Hand crack right of Brodie's Run. Double bolt anchor on ledge below top.

5.5 Trad 45ft
5 * Thwart

The slick right trending seam right of Primo. Joins The Direct up high.

5.11d Top rope 45ft
6 ** The Direct

The crack in the centre of the wall. Natural belay in cracks behind small pine tree (bring cams & wires).

5.9 Trad 45ft
7 ** Finger Twister

The thin finger crack just left of the arete. Double bolt belay on large ledge (shared with The Prow).

5.10a Trad 45ft
8 * The Prow

The stylish arete with two bolts up high. Shared anchor with Finger Twister.

5.10a Mixed 45ft, 2

The next 7 routes are on the next wall up and to the right (facing the cliff).

9 So Short

The obvious corner crack.

5.0 Trad 25ft
10 A Little Longer 5.4 Trad 30ft
11 Cub Scout Crack

The next crack right.

5.5 Trad 30ft
12 * Thump

The face between Cub Scout Crack and Webelo Crack.

5.9 Top rope 30ft
13 Webelo Crack 5.9 Trad 30ft
14 Eagles

Thin crack.

5.6 Trad 30ft
15 Boy Scout Crack

Short crack to roof just right of Eagles. Can escape right at the roof at an easier grade.

5.10a Trad 30ft The Alcove 5 routes in Cliff
Trad, Top Rope and Sport

Long/Lat: -119.886071, 38.203937


A very cool tall wall with some exceptional moderate face climbs.


The Alcove is the continuation of the Genesis cliff line. To get to the top, walk down the white slabs on top of Genesis until they end. The alcove is the embayment on both sides of the prominent gully with the chockstone.

Descent Notes:

Walk around from the base of Genesis, or abseil in off the anchor above Trooper and Frostline. The gully with the chockstone cannot be descended!

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Girl Scout Crack

The awkward steep wide crack on the left wall. Natural belay.

5.9 Trad 60ft
2 * Black Rose

Start just right of the black streak and climb directly up to a tree. Natural anchor.

5.12c Top rope 60ft

The prominent gully splits the cliff just here.

3 ** Trooper

The left side of the gorgeous face right of the gully. Thin seam (bad small gear) and 2 bolts to a double bolt anchor (shared with Frostline and A Close Shave).

5.8 Mixed 70ft, 2
4 *** Frostline

Directly up the groove feature in the middle of the face to a double bolt anchor (shared).

5.8 Sport 70ft, 4
5 A Close Shave

Cracks and flakes on the right side of the face, then diagonal left to the anchor (shared). Watch for a loose flake near the top.

5.6 Trad 75ft Stanage 0 routes in Cliff Numbers 4 routes in Cliff
All Top Rope

Long/Lat: -119.885781, 38.203561


The left most feature behind / above Genesis. All routes are belayed off the large tree on top - bring long slings, or better yet a second rope.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Frosty Fingers

Traverse the diagonal double cracks to join Dipsy Doodle.

5.9 Top rope 35ft
2 Zero to Hero

Left side of the face.

5.10b Top rope 25ft
3 Hero to Zero

Right side of the face.

5.10d Top rope 30ft
4 Dipsy Doodle

The right arete.

5.10b Top rope 30ft Start Up 8 routes in Cliff
All Top Rope

Long/Lat: -119.885973, 38.203641


The short cliff directly behind the lower end of the slabs above the Genesis wall, to the right and below Numbers. An excellent spot for beginners.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Only the Start

Lieback at left end.

5.2 Top rope 25ft
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
2 * Beginner's Luck 5.2 Top rope 25ft
3 Just Starting Out 5.5 Top rope 25ft
4 Middle Ground 5.9 Top rope 25ft
5 Almost There 5.7 Top rope 25ft
6 * Smooth Sailing 5.4 Top rope 25ft
7 Go to the End 5.7 Top rope 25ft
8 10 Pounds 2 Ounces 5.10b Top rope 25ft Slant 0 routes in Cliff Upper Curbar 0 routes in Cliff Lower Curbar 0 routes in Cliff Almscliff 0 routes in Cliff The Roaches 0 routes in Crag Highest 0 routes in Cliff Higher 0 routes in Cliff Main 0 routes in Cliff

1.7. Second Quarry 2 routes in Area

All Unknown

1.7.1. Russian Wall 2 routes in Area

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Woodpecker Chick 5.10b Unknown
2 Deep Impact 5.11a Unknown

1.8. Two Mile Bar 0 routes in Crag

1.9. Herring Creek Dome 0 routes in Area

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
5.0 So Short Trad 25ft Genesis
5.2 * Beginner's Luck Top rope 25ft Start Up
Only the Start Top rope 25ft Start Up
5.4 A Little Longer Trad 30ft Genesis
* Smooth Sailing Top rope 25ft Start Up
5.5 Afterthought Trad 30ft Genesis
Cub Scout Crack Trad 30ft Genesis
* Primo Trad 45ft Genesis
Just Starting Out Top rope 25ft Start Up
5.6 Eagles Trad 30ft Genesis
A Close Shave Trad 75ft The Alcove
5.7 Almost There Top rope 25ft Start Up
Go to the End Top rope 25ft Start Up
5.8 * Bandito Trad 50ft Lower Main Wall
** Brodie's Run Trad 40ft Genesis
* Santa Fe Trad 35ft Genesis
*** Frostline Sport 70ft, 4 The Alcove
** Trooper Mixed 70ft, 2 The Alcove
5.9 *** Go with the Flow Trad 50ft Lower Main Wall
** Granted Mixed 40ft, 2 Lower Main Wall
** Table Manners Trad 40ft Lower Main Wall
Napolean's Greatest Mistake Trad 70ft Eastern Front
* Sidesaddle Sport 1.2.6. The Ort Wall
* Roe vs. Wade Unknown 1.2.7. The Welcome Wall
* You Insolent Peasant Unknown 1.5.1. Third Buttess
** Z-Cracks Unknown 1.5.1. Third Buttess
** The Direct Trad 45ft Genesis
* Thump Top rope 30ft Genesis
Webelo Crack Trad 30ft Genesis
Girl Scout Crack Trad 60ft The Alcove
Frosty Fingers Top rope 35ft Numbers
Middle Ground Top rope 25ft Start Up
5.10a * Hole In The Wall Mixed 40ft, 2 Lower Main Wall
* Trigger Finger Trad 45ft Lower Main Wall
** Chicken Ranch Bingo Sport 80ft, 9 Upper Main Wall
Boy Scout Crack Trad 30ft Genesis
** Finger Twister Trad 45ft Genesis
* The Prow Mixed 45ft, 2 Genesis
5.10b ** Rawhide (variation) Trad 40ft Lower Main Wall
** Three Fingered Jack Trad 60ft Lower Main Wall
D.C. Angel Cat Sport 70ft Eastern Front
* Color Coded Quickdraws Sport 1.2.6. The Ort Wall
* Welcome Mat Unknown 1.2.7. The Welcome Wall
* Wing Of Bat Sport 1.2.7. The Welcome Wall
Dipsy Doodle Top rope 30ft Numbers
Zero to Hero Top rope 25ft Numbers
10 Pounds 2 Ounces Top rope 25ft Start Up
Woodpecker Chick Unknown 1.7.1. Russian Wall
5.10c Prime Directive Sport 80ft, 7 Lower Main Wall
Misperception Sport 1.2.6. The Ort Wall
* Ort Man Complex Unknown 1.2.6. The Ort Wall
** Let The Guilty Hang Unknown 1.5.1. Third Buttess
5.10d *** AC Devil Dog Sport 50ft, 5 Lower Main Wall
*** Rawhide Trad 40ft Lower Main Wall
** The Giving Tree Sport 1.2.4. The Mid Wall
* Clip, Clip, "Wow" Sport 1.2.6. The Ort Wall
Hero to Zero Top rope 30ft Numbers
5.11a * To Pin Or Not To Be Mixed 50ft, 5 Lower Main Wall
* Keebler's Revenge Sport 1.2.7. The Welcome Wall
** Uncle Remus Sport 1.2.7. The Welcome Wall
** Uncle Remus Direct Start Unknown 1.2.7. The Welcome Wall
Deep Impact Unknown 1.7.1. Russian Wall
5.11b * Moss Critique Sport 60ft, 5 Lower Main Wall
* Snake Bite Trad 40ft Lower Main Wall
** Calamine Sport 95ft 1.2.4. The Mid Wall
* Geronimo Sport 1.2.6. The Ort Wall
5.11c * Swallow This Sport 1.2.7. The Welcome Wall
5.11d ** Squeeler Mixed 120ft, 7 Upper Main Wall
*** Funn Man Sport 1.2.4. The Mid Wall
* Thwart Top rope 45ft Genesis
5.12a * Men's Crisis Center Mixed 50ft, 4 Lower Main Wall
** Ejection Seat Sport 8 Upper Main Wall
** Sidewinder Sport 7 Upper Main Wall
5.12b *** Flight Simulator Sport 50ft, 2 Upper Main Wall
* Journey To Find The Sun Sport 60ft, 7 Upper Main Wall
* Mr Fix It Sport 1.2.4. The Mid Wall
** Dwarf Toss Sport 25ft 1.2.5. The Cave
*** Grotto Monkey Sport 25ft 1.2.5. The Cave
High Intensity Discharge Sport 25ft 1.2.5. The Cave
** Sasquatch Sport 25ft 1.2.5. The Cave
5.12c * Premature Ejection Sport 6 Upper Main Wall
* Shultz Route Sport 1.2.4. The Mid Wall
* Black Rose Top rope 60ft The Alcove
5.13a ** The Bombadier Sport 7 Upper Main Wall