Topo #2541 - West Face, Tower of Babble

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Route Grade Popularity Style
5 * Shard

2-bolt top anchor shared with 'Bumbling Babbler'[233035158]. Pro to 2". For a shorter (70 ft) sport variation, traverse right after the last bolt to the ledge and top anchor for 'Gullible'[233032815]. For a longer (150 ft) sport variation, from there continue right up 'Bambi Slayer'[192315882].

5.9 Mixed 90ft, 6 Unlink route
4 Gullible

2-bolt top anchor. This short route links the lower and upper sections of 'Shooting Gallery'[14342359]. For easier foot access to the Upper Shooting Gallery, follow the trail clockwise around the base of the Tower of Babble to the 'Boardwalk'[192320349].

5.3 X Trad 50ft Unlink route
6 Bumbling Babbler

2-bolt top anchor shared with 'Shard'[192318069]. Start from the ledge at the top of 'Shard'[]. Descend in two 90 ft rappels.

5.10a R Trad 90ft Unlink route
7 Naveless
5.7 X Trad 90ft Unlink route
8 Wanderlust

No bolted top anchor. Descend by rappelling from the top anchor of 'Shard'[192318069].

5.7 X Trad 90ft Unlink route

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