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Unlocated crags

This region has 11 unlocated crags! If you think you know where The Butchers' Crags, Lake Dunmore, Brandon Gap, Groton State Park, Mount Hor or Bald Hill are located then please take a minute to locate them for the climbing community.

Locating crags gives you Karma points. Please contact us if you have any issues.


Until recently, climbing in Vermont was mostly undocumented -- there was no published guide or information. Sandwiched between the 'Dacks to the west and New Hampshire to the east, the Green Mountains of Vermont got very little in the way of climbing. The rock didn't help -- much of it soft schist which promoted the growth of greenery very strongly.

With the publication of Tough Schist: Rock Climbing in Northern Vermont by Travis Peckham, some of the climbing has now been documented. (Available from .) Like any guide book, it is of course incomplete and inaccurate -- but it gives far more information in a publicly accessible format than has previously been available.


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