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Showing all 37 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
The Pile
5.12b *** Left Pile

FA: Merril Bitter

5.12a * Pile Surgery Unknown
5.11d ** Right Pile Unknown
5.10b ** Dog Pile Unknown
New Cliché Crag
5.12d New Cliché Unknown
5.12d Kiss it Goodbye Unknown
Lower S-Curve Wall
5.13d Dog Eat Dog Unknown
5.11c S-Curve Overhang Unknown
5.11c High Life Unknown
5.10b * Melting Point Unknown
5.10d Clastic Cling Unknown
5.11a ** Ionic Bonding Unknown
5.9 * Alphenbock Route Unknown
5.11c *** Mass Wasting Unknown
5.9 Red Light District Unknown
5.10d ** Madision Avenue Unknown
5.10d * City Slave Unknown
5.11a ** Times Square Unknown
5.11a ** Black Monday Unknown
5.12c Think Tank Unknown
5.11c Gas Chamber Unknown
5.6 Tres Facile Unknown
5.9 * Chorus Line Unknown
5.9 * Choir Boy Unknown
5.11a * Skid Row Unknown
5.11c ** Cross Town Unknown
5.10d ** Bourbon Street Unknown
S-curve Upper Wall Routes
5.10d * Beware of Dog Unknown 20m
5.11a * Give the Dog a Bone Unknown 20m
5.8 * Skyscraper Unknown 50m
5.11a * Get A Grip Unknown 20m
5.11a ** Megalopolis Unknown 18m
5.10d * Teaming Metropolis Unknown 18m
5.10a ** Urban Sprawl Unknown 21m
5.9 * Clean Underwear Unknown 21m
5.8 * Geronimo Unknown 18m
5.11b * High Dive Unknown 30m

Showing all 37 routes.