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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
The Wellsville Mountains Brigham Rock
V0 - 2 The "B" Boulders or TR's Boulder 11m
V0 - 4 Pipline Boulders Boulder 3m
5.9 The Boot Boulder 12m
V0 - 5 Brigham 1mile boulders Boulder 2m
V0 - 4 Sheep Herders Crag Boulders Boulder
Ogden 26th Street Boulder Field
V0 - 5 Cliffside Rock Boulder 5m
V0 - 7 Hidden Rock Boulder 4m
V0 - 6 The Diamond/Sharks Tooth Boulder 5m
V5 Patriot Crack Boulder 4m
V2 Toyota Rock Boulder 3m
V0 - 7 Around the World Boulder 3m
V7 The Cave Boulder 2m
Salt Lake City Little Cottonwood Canyon Secret Garden
V8 Shot Hole Arete Boulder 5m
V2 Secret Garden Arete Boulder 6m
V13 Copperhead Right Boulder 5m
V10 Copperhead Boulder 5m
V8 Bear Hug Arete Boulder 5m
V10 All Thumbs Boulder 3m
V4 Arête

Start standing at right end of All Thumbs overhang

Boulder 4m
V5 Right Overhang

Bad landing

Boulder 5m
V11 Super-G Boulder
V12 Ching Boulder
V12 Chong Boulder
V10 Shingles Boulder
V12 Bully Boulder
V0 East Face Boulder 6m
Salt Lake City Little Cottonwood Canyon Cabbage Patch
V4 Fat Albert Gang Boulder
V2 Double Dyno Boulder
Salt Lake City Little Cottonwood Canyon The Glen
V1 Southside Boulder (various) Boulder 5m
V1 Roadside Boulder
V4 Waiting Room Boulder
V7 Grumpy Boulder
V5 Arête Boulder
V2 Alchemy Boulder
V4 The Slab Boulder
V4 Borrowed Time Boulder
V5 Misunderstood Dyno Boulder
V1 Misunderstood Boulder
V1 Crystal Logic Boulder
V0 Flake and Bake Boulder
V9 Blunt Prow Project Boulder
V4 Hooloovoo Boulder
V7 E Boulder
V2 Dun Rigil Boulder
V3 You Fat Bastard Boulder
V8 Fat Lady Boulder
V0 Fat Face Boulder
V6 Prow Boulder
V4 Sunday Best Boulder
V1 Flake Boulder
V0 Tunnel of Love Boulder
V3 The Trotts Boulder
V3 Screw You! Pay Me! Boulder
Salt Lake City Lone Peak Cirque Boulders
V5 No Soup For You

FA: Doug Weyher

V4 Mantlesaurus Rechts

FA: Doug Weyher

V2 Mantlesaurus Links

FA: Doug Weyher

Rock Creek Canyon Upper Limestone Section Dr. Teeth
A Unknown Boulder
V1 Nitrous Oxide Boulder B Boulder

Showing all 58 routes.