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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
The Wellsville Mountains Brigham Rock
V0 - 2 The "B" Boulders or TR's Boulder 11m
V0 - 4 Pipline Boulders Boulder 3m
5.9 * The Boot Boulder 12m
V0 - 5 * Brigham 1mile boulders Boulder 2m
V0 - 4 Sheep Herders Crag Boulders Boulder
Ogden 26th Street Boulder Field
V0 - 5 * Cliffside Rock Boulder 5m
V0 - 7 ** Hidden Rock Boulder 4m
V0 - 6 ** The Diamond/Sharks Tooth Boulder 5m
V5 ** Patriot Crack Boulder 4m
V2 ** Toyota Rock Boulder 3m
V0 - 7 ** Around the World Boulder 3m
V7 ** The Cave Boulder 2m
Salt Lake City Little Cottonwood Canyon Secret Garden
V8 Shot Hole Arete Boulder 5m
V2 * Secret Garden Arete Boulder 6m
V13 Copperhead Right Boulder 5m
V10 Copperhead Boulder 5m
V8 * Bear Hug Arete Boulder 5m
V10 All Thumbs Boulder 3m
V4 Arête

Start standing at right end of All Thumbs overhang

Boulder 4m
V5 * Right Overhang

Bad landing

Boulder 5m
V11 Super-G Boulder
V12 Ching Boulder
V12 Chong Boulder
V10 ** Shingles Boulder
V12 ** Bully Boulder
V0 *** East Face Boulder 6m
Salt Lake City Little Cottonwood Canyon Cabbage Patch
V4 ** Fat Albert Gang Boulder
V2 * Double Dyno Boulder
Salt Lake City Little Cottonwood Canyon The Glen
V1 * Southside Boulder (various) Boulder 5m
V1 Roadside Boulder
V4 Waiting Room Boulder
V7 * Grumpy Boulder
V5 * Arête Boulder
V2 * Alchemy Boulder
V4 * The Slab Boulder
V4 Borrowed Time Boulder
V5 * Misunderstood Dyno Boulder
V1 Misunderstood Boulder
V1 Crystal Logic Boulder
V0 Flake and Bake Boulder
V9 Blunt Prow Project Boulder
V4 Hooloovoo Boulder
V7 E Boulder
V2 Dun Rigil Boulder
V3 You Fat Bastard Boulder
V8 * Fat Lady Boulder
V0 * Fat Face Boulder
V6 ** Prow Boulder
V4 * Sunday Best Boulder
V1 * Flake Boulder
V0 Tunnel of Love Boulder
V3 The Trotts Boulder
V3 Screw You! Pay Me! Boulder
Salt Lake City Lone Peak Cirque Boulders
V5 ** No Soup For You

FA: Doug Weyher

V4 ** Mantlesaurus Rechts

FA: Doug Weyher

V2 ** Mantlesaurus Links

FA: Doug Weyher

Rock Creek Canyon Upper Limestone Section Dr. Teeth
A Unknown Boulder
V1 Nitrous Oxide Boulder B Boulder

Showing all 58 routes.