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Table of contents

1. Church Bowl 31 routes in Area

Mostly Trad

Long/Lat: -119.579699, 37.749190

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Black is Brown

(SuperTopo description is incorrect.) Rap with 2 ropes or walk off 4th class left. Pro to 2".

FFA: Kim Schmitz, Frank Trummel, 1966

5.9 Trad 150ft
2 As It Is


FFA: Walt Shipley

5.8 Trad
3 * Deja Thorus

Often TR'ed with directionals after Uncle Fanny. Pro to 3".

FFA: Jim Beyer, Misa Giesey, 1978

5.10a Trad 120ft
4 * Uncle Fanny

Pro to 3". Descend with 80' rappel.

FA: Bruce Price, Michael McLean, 1970

5.7 Trad 120ft
5 ** Church Bowl Lieback

4th class approach. Descend via 100' rappel. Pro to 1".

FFA: unknown, 1987

5.8 Trad 120ft
6 * Pole Position

Descend carefully via 100' rappel followed by 4th class downclimbing.

FFA: John Harpole, et al.

5.10a Sport 130ft, 8
7 * Revival

Descend via two rope rappel, or careful 100' rappel and 4th class downclimbing. Pro to 1.5".

FFA: unknown, 1982

5.10a Trad 130ft
8 Gardening At Night

Garden your way through munge and moss, starting in the dirty dihedral somewhere above Pole Position.

FFA: Clint Cummins, Joel Ager, 1989

5.10c Trad 2
9 * Tammy Fae

Pro to 2.5". Natural top anchor.

FFA: Mark Carpenter, et al.

5.10d PG13 Mixed 130ft, 5
10 Aunt Fanny's Pantry

Pro to 3".

FA: Sheridan Anderson, Leo LebBon, 1965

5.4 Trad 100ft
11 Jacob's Ladder

Pro to 3".

FFA: Mark Carpenter, Jeff Hornibrook

5.10c Mixed 90ft, 4
12 Skid Row Messiah

Starts above Aunt Fanny's Pantry.

FFA: Walk Shipley, et al., 1989

5.11a R Mixed 150ft 2, 4
13 * 800 Club

Starts above Aunt Fanny's Pantry. P1 only. Two addtional pitches (5.10) continue up on poor quality rock and are seldom climbed.

FFA: Bill Russell, Walt Shipley, Eric Kohl, 1990

5.11a Mixed 80ft, 5
14 ** Book of Revelation
  1. 80' (5.10d) Climb the right leaning hand crack, traverse right, then follow the pinscarred crack. Traverse right to belay at the tree.

  2. 60' (5.11a) This and higher pitches are seldom climbed.

Pro to 2.5" with offsets.

FA: Gordon Webster, Chuck Ostin, 1965

FFA: Bob Finn, Chris Falkenstein, 1974

5.11a Trad 140ft
15 * Church Bowl Tree
  1. 60' (5.10b) Climb the pin-scarred right-leaning crack. Great clean aid practice.

  2. Seldom climbed. Rivet and bolt ladder leads to tree with rap rings.

FA: Tom Rohr

FA: Mike Jefferson, Dave Collins, 1970

FFA: unknown, 1982

5.10b Trad 60ft 2
16 * More Balls Than Brains

FA: Dana Brown, 1980

A3 PG13 Aid 60ft
17 * Church Bowl Chimney

Pro to 3.5". To descend, walk right and rap 90' from bolts.

FFA: unknown

5.6 Trad 120ft
18 ** The Energizer

FFA: Dan McDevitt, Sue McDevitt, 1990

5.11b Sport 70ft, 10
19 ** Atheist

FFA: Dave Bengston, 1990

5.13a Mixed 70ft, 9
20 * Church Bowl Terrace

Pro to 3".

FFA: Jim Bridwell, Hamish Mutch, 1965

5.8 Trad 90ft
21 ** Bitches' Terror

FFA: Walt Shipley, Eric Kohl, 1990

5.11a Sport 80ft, 11
22 *** Bishop's Terrace
  1. 100' (5.7) Up the finger crack making your way up to the obvious hand crack. Gear belay (pro 1"-1.5"). A large flake takes a nice sling but puts you in a semi hanging belay.

  2. 80' (5.8) Follow the awesome hand crack up to the dual crack system, move to the righthand system to finish out.

Pro to 4". 60m rap. This can be done as one long pitch.

FA: Russ Warne, Dave McFadden, Steve Roper, 1959

FFA: Chuck Pratt, Herb Swedlund, 1960

5.8 Trad 180ft 2
23 Stephanie's Corner

FFA: Stephanie McCormack, Walt Shipley

5.8 Trad
24 Sacrilege

FFA: Walt Shipley, Tucker Tech, 1987

5.11a Mixed 2
25 Blasphemy

FFA: Walt Shipley, Tucker Tech, 1987

5.11a Mixed 1
26 Heretic

Poor rock quality.

FFA: Walt Shipley, Tucker Tech, 1987

5.10c Trad
27 Catholic Discipline

FA: Dimitri Barton

5.12 R Trad
28 * Bishop's Balcony
  1. (5.5) Approach the balcony via ramp on the right.

  2. (A3) Follow crack up and over the roof.

Rap down via Bishop's Terrace.

FA: Frank Sacherer, Gary Colliver, 1962

5.5 A3 Aid 2
29 * No Rest for the Wicked

Pro to 2".

FFA: Walt Shipley, Eric Kohl, 1990

5.11b Mixed 70ft, 4
30 ** Oral Roberts

Pro to 2.5".

FFA: Mark Carpenter, 1988

5.12a Mixed 80ft, 4
31 ** 700 Club

Gear optional.

FFA: Mark Carpenter, Scott Stow, 1988

5.11c Sport 70ft, 7

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
5.4 Aunt Fanny's Pantry Trad 100ft
5.5 A3 * Bishop's Balcony Aid 2
5.6 * Church Bowl Chimney Trad 120ft
5.7 * Uncle Fanny Trad 120ft
5.8 As It Is Trad
*** Bishop's Terrace Trad 180ft 2
** Church Bowl Lieback Trad 120ft
* Church Bowl Terrace Trad 90ft
Stephanie's Corner Trad
5.9 * Black is Brown Trad 150ft
5.10a * Deja Thorus Trad 120ft
* Pole Position Sport 130ft, 8
* Revival Trad 130ft
5.10b * Church Bowl Tree Trad 60ft 2
5.10c Gardening At Night Trad 2
Heretic Trad
Jacob's Ladder Mixed 90ft, 4
5.10d * Tammy Fae Mixed 130ft, 5
5.11a * 800 Club Mixed 80ft, 5
** Bitches' Terror Sport 80ft, 11
Blasphemy Mixed 1
** Book of Revelation Trad 140ft
Sacrilege Mixed 2
Skid Row Messiah Mixed 150ft 2, 4
5.11b * No Rest for the Wicked Mixed 70ft, 4
** The Energizer Sport 70ft, 10
5.11c ** 700 Club Sport 70ft, 7
5.12a ** Oral Roberts Mixed 80ft, 4
5.12 Catholic Discipline Trad
5.13a ** Atheist Mixed 70ft, 9
A3 PG13 * More Balls Than Brains Aid 60ft