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Rank Climber Karma
1 Hard Landin' Brandon 331points
2 Michael 'Wonderdog' Woodrow 40points
3 Steve Liu 21points
3 Neale Brain 21points
5 Alwyn Johnson 11points
6 @climbslow 2points
7 Gary Ewart 1point
7 Alberto Sanchez 1point
7 Michael Schneiter 1point
7 Katie Ehler 1point
7 Randell 1point
7 Luke Stefurak 1point
7 Warren Price 1point
7 Bernard Exley 1point
7 Chris A. Greevers 1point
7 chris strode 1point
7 1point
7 Rachel Hollander 1point
7 Elie Torbey 1point
7 Pippo Pippa 1point
7 Marcus Adam 1point
7 Deborah Peterson 1point
7 Jamie Cover 1point
7 Stephen C. Yabut 1point
7 1point

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