Ascents leaderboard in Yosemite National Park of climbers


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Rank Climber Ascents
1 Gareth Llewellin 113ascents
2 Kole 111ascents
3 @jkvawter 99ascents
4 bob steed 79ascents
5 Mike Shore 74ascents
6 Alwyn Johnson 67ascents
7 Gary K 64ascents
8 Patrick Paul 60ascents
9 58ascents
10 Tony Williams 57ascents
11 Dave McGregor 52ascents
12 Bill Begg 50ascents
13 Tom Boydston 48ascents
14 VLAdimir NIna 47ascents
15 Alan Van Gemert 46ascents
15 Bobby 46ascents
17 @benjicrawford 40ascents
18 Jason Liebgott 37ascents
19 36ascents
19 Casey Henley 36ascents
19 Julie Hoeft 36ascents
22 Scott Nelson 34ascents
22 Hard Landin' Brandon 34ascents
22 ben reardon 34ascents
22 chris stone 34ascents

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