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Rank Climber Karma
1 Hard Landin' Brandon 76points
2 Alwyn Johnson 11points
2 mark.lutterman 11points
4 Gary K 10points
5 Christopher Glastonbury 1point
5 Sam Ritchie 1point
5 Alberto Sanchez 1point
5 Ryan Spezialetti 1point
5 Gareth Llewellin 1point
5 Ron Edwards 1point
5 VLAdimir NIna 1point
5 Randell 1point
5 Josh Kalsbeek 1point
5 Warren Price 1point
5 Fred Mitchell 1point
5 Scott Allen 1point
5 scott leeper 1point
5 Logan Fife Hazard 1point
5 Brian Tessier 1point
5 David Barnes 1point
5 Harry Richards 1point
5 Michael Stanton 1point
5 Scott Nelson 1point
5 Scott Godwin 1point
5 Gregory 1point

Showing all 25 climbers

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