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Grade Route Style Popularity
Yosemite Valley North Lower Merced Canyon Arch Rock
5.9 Dirty Little Secret Unknown
5.11d * Constipation Unknown
5.11b ** Anticipation Unknown
5.10c * Supplication Unknown
5.11b ** Inner Sanctum

Bolted arete above P1 of Supplication. Avoid crack to left for full value.

5.9 Application Unknown
5.11c ** T.K.O Unknown
5.12c ** Punchline Unknown
5.9 Entrance Exam Unknown
5.10b * Quickie Quizzes Unknown
5.10d * Blotto (Axis) Unknown
5.10c English Breakfast Crack Unknown
5.11a Sidetrack Unknown
5.10b *** Midterm Unknown
5.11b *** Leanie Meanie Unknown
5.10b *** Gripper Unknown 100m
5.10c Two "D" Unknown
5.11a *** New Dimensions Unknown
5.10c * Voyage Unknown
5.9 * Klemens' Escape Unknown
5.11b Inchworm Unknown
5.11b * Grokin' Unknown
5.10a Now Unknown
5.12b * Omakara Unknown
5.11a Later Unknown
5.11 GRE Unknown
5.12a SAT Unknown
5.11c Ultimate Emotion Unknown
5.10a Skateaway Unknown
5.10d * The Bin Unknown
5.10b Per-Spire-ation Unknown
5.5 Arch Rock Pinnacle - Original Route Unknown
5.10 Pass or Fail Unknown
5.9 Cross-Country Crack Unknown
5.8 Kindergarten Crack Unknown
5.8 Nerf Test Unknown
5.10d Extra Credit Unknown
5.8 Juliette's Flake - Left Side Unknown
Class 4 Juliette's Flake - Right Side Unknown
5.11a * Cosmic Messenger Unknown
5.12a ** Goldfinger Unknown
5.11d * Torque Converter Unknown
5.11a Stealth Technoogy Unknown
Yosemite Valley North Lower Merced Canyon The Cookie Cliff
5.11b * Mystic Mint Unknown
5.10c Twinkle Unknown
5.12b * Nutter Butter Unknown
5.12a * Tennessee Strings Unknown
A3+ * Coffin Nail Aid
5.10a Banana Dreams Unknown
5.11b *** Hardd Trad 73m
5.11c *** Crack-a-Go-Go Trad 40m
5.11a *** Outer Limits
  1. 105 ft (5.10b/c)

  2. 50 ft (5.11a)

FFA: Jim Bridwell, Jim Orey, 1971

Trad 47m
5.12c Satanic Mechanic Unknown
5.11b * Orangutan Arch Unknown
5.8 * Elevator Shaft Trad 70m
5.12a *** The Cookie Monster Unknown 25m
5.13b *** The Cookie Monster (Cookie Cutter) Unknown
5.10d ** Twilight Zone Trad 30m
5.12c ** Chips Ahoy Unknown
5.12b * Ginger Snap Unknown
5.12b * America's Cup Unknown
5.11d *** Red Zinger Unknown
5.9 * Meat Grinder p1 Unknown 20m
5.10c ** Meat Grinder Trad 76m
5.13b *** Meat Grinder Arete Unknown
5.10a ** Beverly's Tower Trad 30m
5.11b ** Afershock Unknown
5.10c *** Waverly Wafer Unknown 30m
5.11c *** Butterballs Unknown 25m
5.10c *** Wheat Thin Unknown 20m
5.11a ** Butterfingers Unknown
5.11a ** Ladyfingers Unknown
5.10a The Cookie - Left Side Unknown
5.9 * The Cookie - Center Route Unknown
5.9 ** The Cookie - Right Side Trad 73m
5.10b * Vendetta Unknown
5.9 Infraction Unknown
5.10a * Anathema Unknown
5.11b Last in Line Unknown
5.11a * Jardin's Hand Unknown
5.9 * The Cleft Unknown
5.10d *** Catchy Unknown 30m
5.11a *** Catchy Corner Unknown 46m
5.11b ** Pringles Unknown 30m
5.12c Zipperhead Unknown
5.11b * The Void Unknown
5.10d * Void Continuation Unknown
5.13d ** The Stigma (aka Renegade) Aid
5.10a ** The Enigma Unknown
5.10a ** Ramp of Destruction Unknown
5.11a ** Abstract Corner Unknown
5.8 Escape Unknown
5.11b *** Shortcake Unknown
5.11b *** The Enema Unknown
5.12b * Ray's Pin Job Unknown
5.11d * Something for Nothing Unknown
5.11a * Gunning for Buddha Unknown
5.11b * Terminator Left Side Unknown
5.10b ** Terminator Right Side Unknown
Yosemite Valley North Lower Merced Canyon Pat and Jack Pinnacle Area
5.7 Pat Pinnacle Unknown

Showing 1 - 100 out of more than 1,000 routes