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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Lower Zion Canyon, West Mount Kinesava
5.10 A3+ V King Corner Aid
5.9 A3 V Plumbline Aid
Lower Zion Canyon, West Court of the Patriarchs Abraham
5.10 A4 VI The Radiator (Direct Southwest Buttress) Aid
Lower Zion Canyon, West Court of the Patriarchs Isaac
5.10 A3 V Southeast Buttress Aid 550m
5.11 A2+ V *** Tricks Of The Trade (Tricks Of The Tramp) Aid 580m
5.11 A4+ VI R *** Stigmata

FA: "flyn" Brian McCray & Burt Arend

Aid 2000m
Upper Zion Canyon Mount Majestic
5.8 A3 V X Emerald Star Majesticus Aid
Upper Zion Canyon The Organ
5.8 C2 III ** Organasm Aid
Upper Zion Canyon Angels Landing
5.10 A3 V Jokers And Thieves Aid
5.10 A4 VI Swiss-American Route Aid
5.10 A2 V Lowe Route (North Face) Aid 460m
5.11 A3 V Angel Hair (Dunn Route) Aid
5.8 A4 V Empty Pages Aid
5.8 A3 VI Archangel Aid
5.8 C2 IV *** Prodigal Sun

FA: Ron Olevsky

5.10 A4 VI Ball And Chain Aid
5.9 A2+ VI G-Money Aid
5.9 A3+ VI Days Of No Future Aid
5.9 C2 V Sheer Lunacy Aid
Upper Zion Canyon Moonlight Buttress
5.9 A4 V *** Lunar Ecstasy

FA: Linus Platt & Brad Quinn

5.9 A2 V March-Forrest Chimney Aid
5.9 A2+ VI ** Swoop Gimp or be dust Aid 2
Upper Zion Canyon The Pulpit
5.9 A2 II The Pulpit Aid
Upper Zion Canyon Leaning Wall
5.10 A3+ V Cosmic Trauma Aid
5.10 A2 V Moon Patrol Aid
5.10 C2 IV *** Spaceshot

FA: Ron Olevsky & Dave Jones

Upper Zion Canyon Cereberus Gendarme
5.12a Dire Wolf Aid
5.9 C2 IV ** Touchstone Wall

FA: Ron Olevsky

Aid 280m, 8
Upper Zion Canyon Red Arch Mountain North Face
5.7 A4+ VI *** Red Awaking

FA: "Fly'n" Brian McCray & Burt Arend

Aid 1500m
Lower Zion Canyon, East Mountain of the Sun
5.10 A3 VI The Tao Of Light Aid 150m
Lower Zion Canyon, East Twin Brothers Right Twin
5.10 A3+ VI *** Peyote Dreams Aid
Lower Zion Canyon, East Mount Spry West Face
5.11 V ** Sandblaster Aid 240m
Lower Zion Canyon, East East Temple
5.10 C2+ V ** Lovelace (Fang Wall) Aid 370m
5.10 A3+ V ** The Fang Aid 200m
5.10+ C2+ V R ** Cowboy Bob Goes To Zion Aid
5.11+ C1 V Uncertain Fates Aid
5.10+ C1 IV 10th Division Aid
Lower Zion Canyon, East Pine Creek Canyon
5.5 C1 II Masterblaster Aid
5.12a A0 IV Wheels On Fire Aid 55m
Lower Zion Canyon, East The Watchman
5.10+ A0 IV S & M Aid
Kolob Canyon Timber Top Mountain
5.11d A0 III Ultamahedral Aid

Showing all 41 routes.