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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Lower Zion Canyon, West West Temple
5.11+ V Gettin' Western Alpine 610m
Lower Zion Canyon, West Lady Mountain
5.7 III North Spur

This Route is dirty and has some loose rock as well as quite a bit of bushwacking. If you are looking for a moderate multi-pitch route, take the time to go to Red Rocks. If you do this route, the approach is up the old Lady Mountain trail. Info on this trail/climb can be found in by going to: After taking the old trail/climb up past the first cliff band, split off to the north to find the chimney system. Descend from the summit to the notch and then down to the south.

Alpine 340m
Lower Zion Canyon, West The Spearhead
5.10 III *** Iron Messiah

FA: Ron Olevsky

Alpine 300m
Upper Zion Canyon Cathedral Mountain The Spearhead
5.10 III R *** Iron Messiah Alpine
Upper Zion Canyon The Organ
5.9 III Organ Grinder Alpine
Upper Zion Canyon Angels Landing
5.11a IV R * Northeast Buttress

FA: Randy Aton, Mark Austin & and Phil Haney

Upper Zion Canyon Moonlight Buttress
5.13a V *** Moonlight Buttress

FA: Jeff Lowe & Mike Weiss

Upper Zion Canyon The Pulpit
5.9 I The Pulpette Alpine 18m
Upper Zion Canyon Temple of Sinawava
5.9 I *** Tourist Crack (Turista) Alpine
5.12 IV *** Monkeyfinger Alpine 270m
Upper Zion Canyon Leaning Wall
5.10+ IV Equinox

FA: Ron Olevsky

Alpine 360m
Upper Zion Canyon Cereberus Gendarme
5.11a III Coconut Corner Alpine
Upper Zion Canyon Red Arch Mountain North Face
5.11 IV * Rites Of Passage Alpine
5.11c IV *** Shune's Buttress Alpine
Lower Zion Canyon, East Mount Spry Northwest Face
5.8 III Moria Alpine
5.9 III Black Crack (Bites Back) Alpine
Lower Zion Canyon, East East Temple
5.11+ IV ** Freezer Burn Alpine
Lower Zion Canyon, East Pine Creek Canyon
5.10 III Never Again Alpine
5.12a III * Migraine Alpine
5.10d III Nervous Tension Alpine
5.10 IV Boring Alpine 55m
Lower Zion Canyon, East The Watchman
5.11 IV *** The Vigil Alpine
Kolob Canyon Paria Point
5.12c V *** Wind, Sand And Stars Alpine 400m

Showing all 23 routes.