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Rank Climber Karma
1 5,681points
2 Scott Hailstone 516points
3 Andy Stys 348points
4 Craig Barton 138points
5 Fred Vanden Bergh 120points
6 Tien Nguyen 95points
7 Ryan Butler 80points
8 Brendan Heywood 60points
9 peta barrett 58points
10 Marcelo Castaneda 46points
11 St├ęphanie Arnaud 37points
12 Christopher Glastonbury 36points
13 Ben Sully 32points
14 khoi bui 24points
15 Glenn 22points
16 Chris George 20points
16 guillaume Da 20points
18 Tim Haasnoot 18points
19 Chris Beric 17points
20 Josh 16points
21 Dave Hoyle 14points
22 Sammi 13points
23 David K 11points
24 10points
25 Sean Barnes 5points

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