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Rad island full of coastal limestone and alpine-feeling granite

16 A'sh Al-Rokh

#1, (16), 35m, Mantle the overhanging conglomerate choss or do the sensible thing and walk around the ledge above the run out corner and overhang to gain pocketed slab. Crux. Move up to ledge and poorly-protected belay. #2, (12), 25m. Traverse left into chossy gully trending right toward belay at wide-trunked jetroufah. #3, 10, 30m. Up and left to crack splitting jagged slab to belay amopngst bottle trees. #4, 30m, Scramble up

5.11 A1 Young-Elliott Route

The North Face of Mashanig

#1 17, 55m Up the bushy chimney stepping right onto a ledge and cruxy slab to belay. #2 15, 35m Wandering. Zig zag between ledgelets following balancy line of least resistance trending left of ominous rooves above. #3. 21, 20m. Up the scrub, right of overhanging squeeze chimney to layback sequence (crux) then left to a semi-hanging belay. #4 15, 30m Traverse left and up to base of overhanging offwidth on R. #5, 18, 20m. Offwidth brings you to base of final headwall riven by steep flaring cracks. #6 13, Traverse left and up gully line above col. #7-12, Up to grade 15. South-facing corner of east ridge to summit. A squeeze chimney, a few tricky mantles and ledge climbing lead to victory.

5.7 Scimitars and Sandals

#1, 14, 20m. Up the steep gully, bridging amongst tree-choked ledges to a jetroufah tree belay on the left. #2, 9. 10m. The Barefoot traverse. Traverse right on good feet and jugs. A good barefoot problem with a homemade harness fashioned from 2 inch webbing as on the first ascent, #3. 15. 30m. A tad run-out. Up fused corner and over the bulge. BD #3 here. Follow the crack R of the roof. Mantle cloven flakes onto Scimitar ledge. #4. 30m. Up easily to the top.

5.9 The Whip of Issa

Up the cack trending L and then R again. Past the questionable flake to ledge. @2, 10, 15m. Up and L. The corner to the summit

5.8 Sakhra Al-Jennat

Up the corner to belay on Dragon's Blood Tree than out onto face (run-out) to top out and belay on another DB tree.

Showing all 8 nodes.