Because of the nature of, different copyright conditions apply to different parts of the site. These are outlined below.

Our intentionBack to contents

Broadly what we're aiming to do is ensure 4 things:

  1. The content is available to be used by climbers.
  2. Anyone who contributes content gets proper attribution.
  3. The content can NOT be take by 3rd parties and sold without our agreement.
  4. We can leverage the content to help pay our server and development costs, so we can continue to not just exist but keep making the site more awesome.

Our contributor agreementBack to contents

When you signup you will be required to agree to some terms and conditions which includes a contributor agreement. Essentially what our contributor agreement boils down to is:

  1. You retain ownership of your own content, including your right to also license your content to anyone else under another license you want (except exclusive ones).
  2. Your contributions will be licensed to the world in general, including, as CC-BY-NC-SA.
  3. You specifically grant the right to use the content commercially to give us an income to cover our hosting and development costs.

If for any reason you aren't happy with this, but still would like to share your content under a different license, like the CC-BY-SA, or the GNU Documentation license, then that's cool too and we're already doing that with a bunch of content providers, please send us an email. The only limit is that the licenses are compatible so that we can combine everyone's contributions to create 'aggregate works', ie a guidebook.

Index level contentBack to contents

Index level content is the kind of information you would usually find in a normal printed guidebook.

Creative Commons - Attribution Non-Commercial Share AlikeBack to contents

Unless otherwise specified, the following data falls under the Creative Commons - Attribution Non-Commecial Share Alike (CC-NCSA) license. This is the default license for this data and applies to standard contributions made by individual users.

  1. Index structure
  2. Route descriptions
  3. Area descriptions
  4. Photos
  5. Topos
  6. Maps

Additional and/or different copyright or licence terms may apply to some of this material (eg. data from another guide, publisher, club or site). Where this is the case, the additional and/or different copyright or licence terms will be displayed. Please refer to the Mixed Copyritght site article for more details.

Public DomainBack to contents

We believe the following data is in the Public Domain. It is our view that this data is factual and not subject to copyright.

  1. Route name
  2. Route height
  3. Number of bolts on route

Ascent level contentBack to contents

Ascent level content contributions are your personal 'log-book' style records of your climbing.

You can control how ascent level contributions are shared through your account settings.

If you enable the 'List in Public Directories' option, your account name will be listed in the site against your ascent level contributions.

When you disable the 'List in Public Directories' option, any ascent level contributions, including previously submitted comments, will no longer be publicly listed. However, it is important to note that any contributions visible while the 'List in Public Directories' was enabled may have already been printed or saved as a document by others.

Regardless of your account settings, ascent level contributions may be used in an anonymous manner to generate graphs and statistical information.

'Comment' data falls under the Creative Commons - Attribution Non-Commecial Share Alike (CC-NCSA) license.

The following 'tick a box' type contributions are considered to be in the Public Domain and not subject to copyright.

  1. Tick
  2. Tick type
  3. Ascent date
  4. Shot number
  5. Route quality rating
  6. Relative difficulty rating

Other contentBack to contents

Any and all intellectual property rights associated with all other content, including, but not limited to, custom icons, graphics, articles, editing tools and statistical equations, are the sole property of

AttributionBack to contents requires the following content attribution:

  1. Provide a prominent link to entrance page ( for electronic documents or a reference to for printed documents.
  2. Where appropriate provide a link to the area or crag guide at
  3. List the top Crag Karma contributors at the area level.

Commercial Use Of ContentBack to contents

If you wish to make commercial use of content then please contact us.

We are supportive of commercial use under explicitly negotiated licenses.