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Discussion: Additional information regarding ascent statistics helpful Started by Jürgen Wolf.

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  • Started: about a year ago on Tue 1st Aug 2017

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Jürgen Wolf started this discussion about a year ago.

Additional information regarding ascent statistics helpful

In "my profile" there are two nice diagrams available ("Ascents by grade and route style" and "Ascents by grade and tick type"). I personally rarely climb on-sight - so mainly "all free with rest" or "red point" when I make it somewhen ;-) Unfortunately, the diagram "Ascents by grade and tick type" doesn't show the "all free with rest" or attempts. So, I don't get an visual overview of the share between my climbing success in the different grades (tried, succeeded (with rest), succeeded (red-point etc.)...

Is my climbing distribution so special (maybe because I'm not so strong on outdoor routes) or do some of you also look for this kind of information?

Is this individually configurable somehow?

Best regards from Hamburg Jürgen

replied about a year ago.

Those diagrams need to catch up with recent changes to the site. It is on our todo list, but we are a little under resourced atm.

Jürgen Wolf replied about a year ago.

ok, I see

Anyway, great job you all do with this portal !

johnexplo replied 10 months ago.

ok, I see that it is good

replied 10 months ago.

What does all free with rest mean? Or where is the difference to hangdog? Another issue I have with these diagrams is, that when I tick a boulder as "send" it is pictured as grey. Another colour would be more suitable I think.

I mean Pinkpoint has a colour for itself and "send" does not. I would think that most people care a lot more about their sends than about their not red but pinkpoints.

Showing all 6 messages.

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