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Grayjay started this discussion about a year ago.

Crags Suitable for Self Belay in the Blue Mountains?


I'm going to be travelling on my own to the Blueys next week having never been there before, can anyone suggest some crags suitable for self belaying, that is with easy access to the top to set up a fixed rope and probably no more than single pitch (or single rope length)? Grades from the mid teens to low twenties would be good and if there happens to be camping nearby even better!

Appreciate your help


Rob Medlicott replied about a year ago.

Why not just look for a partner? If you go to Mt York campground, you could probably find both!

Evan Wells replied about a year ago.

The eyrie wall could be fun. Also some things like long distance relationship at Corroboree is a straight line u can walk to top. Umm , angular crack and eternity at piddo you can walk to anchor. Obituary at mt york , actually...heaps of stuff at mt york. Crackle , Viperette , they all have anchors you can walk too. would be good. Alot of these walls are also favoured by absqueelers though.

Nick H replied about a year ago.

I reckon head to Zig Zag / Corroboree. Lots of top ropeable stuff and there is nice camping on the ridge in between the two crags

Grayjay replied about a year ago.

Thanks everyone, lots to work with


Macciza a.k.a. Macca replied about a year ago.

Your best bet is Mt York. Camping and rope soloing in the one spot.

Joni replied about a year ago.

Reservoir Dogs at Medlow Bath offers a couple of long one pitch routes from the mid teens to low twenties with an easy access as well.

replied about a year ago.

Cosmic county could be good as well, the routes around the memory lane access can be accessed from above, and there are some great routes there

Paul Thomson replied about a year ago.

As someone who does a LOT of rope soloing, I've found that most crags in the Blueys are pretty straightforward for it, HOWEVER, the suggestions everyone has offered so far in this discussion (above) are DEFINITELY some of the best (with the criteria you specified)!

Mount York, Reservoir Dogs/Sporting Complex, Cosmic County, Zig Zag (for some bigger routes), and also Bentrovato Wall (at Sublime Point- as with a long enough rope (or two ropes) you can rope solo almost all the routes the full 70m up the cliff (and its a 5min walk from the car to the top)), and parts of Mount Boyce (especially Eyrie and Girl in the Mirror area) or Narrow Neck are all perfect.

Grayjay replied about a year ago.

I've had to postpone the trip but that's some great info for when I do get up there, thanks everyone

Ash Burton-Smith replied about a year ago.

Great info

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