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Discussion: Info on cliffline above Murrurundi? Started by Brendan Heywood.

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  • Started: 9 weeks ago on Wed 9th Aug 2017

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started this discussion 9 weeks ago. #

Info on cliffline above Murrurundi?

Has anyone explored this cliff line and know anything about access / quality etc? Peter Monks I think you may know something?

replied 9 weeks ago. #

You talking off paradise road past golf club?

Jason Smith replied 9 weeks ago. #

Made from conglomerate in loose mudstone from memory. Looked alright from a distance.

replied 9 weeks ago. #

Yeah looks vaguely sandstone from a distance, there is some google streetview from the turning circle at the end of paradise road past the golf course which looks less promising. Just wondering if it's worth a recon or not, or if the cliff line further east just out of town is any better

replied 9 weeks ago. #

Always worthy of a look ..lots of rock in the hills when you view the satellite..but Ive got no first hand knowledge unfortunately..according to six maps the south side cliffs are 30m.

Some google images..,1000x1000,075,f.u3.jpg

More exciting would be Wallabdah rocks...buts it on pvt property..

replied 8 weeks ago. #

I went in there in 1996 or so and checked out one of the cliffs up close - we basically drove to within a couple of hundred of metres of one of the cliffs but I don't remember where we were exactly.

The rock is conglomerate made up of large (up to melon sized, iirc) rounded cobbles. At the time I wasn't confident that the matrix cementing them together was solid enough to be able to pull on, but given some of the crap I've climbed on since then that unexpectedly held together, I reckon it'd be worth checking out again.

Probably the biggest challenge will be that the cobbles are big enough that there'd be no way to protect yourself if a cobble gets dislodged - a helmet won't be enough. It'd be possible to protect the belayer by top-rope belaying from the top, but that won't protect the climber if the rope dislodges a cobble above them.

Finally, there were zero natural anchors on top of the cliff where we were. We'd hoped to abseil down off a tree or two and check out how solid the cliff face itself was, but ended up bailing because we couldn't find any anchors.

Vanessa Wills replied 8 weeks ago. #

Re Murrurundi and the Bylong valley and Martindale and Doyle's creek, The Hunter valley boys have checked it out, and go back every 10 years, and it's still crap. The landowner of Wallabadah is open to people walking up the hill if he is contacted, john Hollott has had a look at it, some climbing may have gone on there in the 60s.

replied 7 weeks ago. #

thanks everyone, yeah doesn't seem worth the drive

Lindsay Irvine replied 7 weeks ago. #

David Kirkby, Paul Parmenter and myself had a weekend climbing on Wallabadah Rock in the early eighties. We got permission from the landholder previously. We did two climbs on the west face. The first was just an exposed scramble to the summit. The second was up a gully and wall to the right of the obvious gully in the middle of the face. Grade - about 14. The rock, I think, is trachyte - volcanic, fine grained. Nice to climb on (reminded me of the 'Bungles).

Vanessa Wills replied 7 weeks ago. #

Lindsay, Dave Gray says g'day ( we are sitting in Vancouver at the moment waiting to come home ). We visited the west wall of Mt Myall last year and Dave was interested in any information from your archives about climbs around there.

replied 7 weeks ago. #

Yes please add any info / routes / history to the index, however vague. Any info is better than none. If anyone needs permissions please sing out

Lindsay Irvine replied 6 weeks ago. #

Hi Guys, I'll sort some info out and post it ASAP. Hi Dave, I'm back in the area - living at Buff Point now. Haven't climbed in years! I know I've got some good pics of West Wall and also Joe Friend at Monkey Face.

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