Discussion: East Asia year round climbing info request.

  • Started: about a year ago on Wed 23rd Aug 2017

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Roger Twoteas Cope started this discussion about a year ago.

East Asia year round climbing info request.

Anyone have any information on climbing in east Asia. I am particularly looking for the country/area that has the most annual climbing I wish to go and teach English as a foreign language but would like to get as much climbing in as possible too so more months without monsoons is preferred

Hayes replied about a year ago.

Southern Thailand - Krabi, Tonsai/Railay is a climbing mecca. probably the most developed sport climbing area in SE Asia. I've climbed there through the wet season so don't listen to people who say you cant climb during those months. you'll have a few more rain days but less crowds

Northern Thailand - Chiang Mai, crazy horse butress is a great climbing destination and beautiful area

Laos - Vang Vien - Xiangliab look up green climbers home in Laos

Malaysia has climbing but not as developed as Thailand.

Cambodia - pretty hard to develop due to mines/bombs in the jungle so no climbing tyhat I know of

I haven't climbed in China but there are a few really popular sport climbing areas now as well as massive undeveloped areas.

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