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Discussion: climbing shoes for wide feet Started by Jacob Nunes-Vaz.

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  • Started: 9 months ago on Thu 31st Aug 2017

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Jacob Nunes-Vaz started this discussion 9 months ago.

climbing shoes for wide feet

Hi, I'm fairly new to climbing. So far I've been using an old pair of shoes my mate gave me but now I want to buy a pair that actually fit me well. Unfortunately, I have abnormally wide feet (about EU42 in length but the width is around 10cm at the widest point) and every pair I have tried on in stores doesn't do the trick. I was wondering if anyone who has the same problem could suggest some shoes that might fit and possibly where to buy them? Thanks in advance!

Marie Miguel replied 9 months ago.

It's really good to have well fitted shoes for climbing because it makes you comfortable and nothing to worry with sore feet.

Nick Vukojevic replied 9 months ago.

Check out the Red Chili Suasalito. Sender Gear in Hamilton Ontario carries it. Also the Tenaya Tanta.


Showing all 3 messages.

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