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  • Started: about a year ago on Wed 6th Sep 2017

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Mati Serer started this discussion about a year ago.

Planning a climbing trip

Good day to everyone, We are a group of 4 latin americans planning a climbing trip to europe, more detailed, a trip starting in Barcelona and rent a motorhome and start going all the coast through France and Italy. We would really appreciate your recommendations on where to stop and go climbing. Where do you say we should go? Some points to mention:

  • We are looking for bouldering, psicobloc and sport climbing.
  • We would like to climb on national parks no too far from the coast and also climb on coastal cliffs.
  • Our "average" climbing level could be something like 6b.
  • We plan to travel next spring (2018).

We really hope you could help us Saludos!

Damian replied about a year ago.

Hi Mati,

I love your trip plan ! Starting from spain toward italy, here are the place I know for sport climbing:

  1. In the south west of France, they are a lot of crags around the former called "Route de la Grimpe". Be careful though. There is a long going issue with the bolting and climbing authorization there. Only a few crag are allowed.

  2. Close to the see side you also have the "massif de la clape". A nice area, for a day or two. This place is perfect to climb in winter (it is really too warm in summer).

  3. One must go destination would be the Callanque of Marseille. There are sport routes (single and multi-pitches) and psicobloc. I would suggest to sleep in Cassis (Camping des cigales is great climbing camp, that can quickly be full in spring).

  4. If you are ready to go a bit north, I would suggest to go to the "Verdon gorge". Amazing climbs, and really worth it!

  5. In Italy, there is Finale. But I was not there, and cannot tell you much about it.

  6. in the north of Italy (not sure it will be your road though), I would advise you to go toward Arco.

Hope it helps. Damian

Mati Serer replied about a year ago.

Thanks a lot Damian, we will try to visit these places you say.

Mauro Fugazza replied 10 months ago.

Hi Mati, in Italy (where I will be soon) there is also the area around Lecco with many crags. Let me know if you stop by here as I always look for climbing partners and maybe I can show you some nice places and climb together. Mauro

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