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Discussion: Sunshine Coast Climbing Partner/s Started by Alex Maddock.

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  • Started: 3 months ago on Sat 30th Sep 2017

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Alex Maddock started this discussion 3 months ago.

Sunshine Coast Climbing Partner/s

Looking for Sunshine Coast weekend climbing partners. I'm in noosa just about every weekend and have my own gear for sport climbing - no trad unfortunately. Happy to drive to different locations if anyone is looking for weekend climbing and backup partners if their own can't make it. Direct message me with details or just post on this topic.


replied 11 weeks ago.

Hey, I'm new to the area. Do you still need partners or are you all set now?

Alex Maddock replied 11 weeks ago.

Hey Jon, I always need a climbing partner. Can never have enough I reckon. What areas are you keen to try? Anywhere on the coast?

Eric Giessmann replied 10 weeks ago.

Hi, I am looking for some climbing partner or group of climber’s east coast Queensland.

Adam Sanders replied 6 weeks ago.

Hey looking for a climbing partner for a send on Tibro tomorrow. Line of credit and then Candy Mountain. Anyone keen? I have full sport rack & rope. As long as you have harness and helmet and shoes.

Eric Giessmann replied 5 weeks ago.

Right now in Rockhampton, want to be in Noosa around christmas to end january. Would like to join a weekend or during te week for a climb. I have harness helmet and everything else. Eric mobile: 0491026609 facebook: Anders Egis

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Showing all 6 messages.

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