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Discussion: Partner wanted for glasshouse Started by cptnmatt.

  • Public discussion Mt Tibrogargan
  • Started: 3 months ago on Fri 6th Oct 2017

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cptnmatt started this discussion 3 months ago.

Partner wanted for glasshouse

Hey guys, looking for a partner for tibro this Sunday and continuing. My current partner can't climb some weekends and am looking to meet more climbers. Currently leading 20-22 and am looking at training on grade 24 -25. Thanks guys

David Cook23 replied 13 weeks ago.

I love to climb but it maybe too wet thanks see u soon

Eric Giessmann replied 11 weeks ago.

Hi. still looking out for a partner?

cptnmatt replied 10 weeks ago.

Yeah man. Always looking to meet new climbers. Where are you located?

Eric Giessmann replied 10 weeks ago.

Great! Right now I am in Noosa Heads. 12 Wyandra street. I pretty much have time every day. Do you have a car?

cptnmatt replied 10 weeks ago.

Ahh Noosa. Lucky bugger. Yeah have a car, usually climb one or two days on the weekend. Where do you usually climb?

Eric Giessmann replied 10 weeks ago.

-> Great! I wrote you a pm.

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Showing all 7 messages.

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