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Simon Fitz started this discussion 8 months ago.

Need a climbing partner today

Hi .Are you keen for a climb ??..byo boots and harness i have the rest. Looking to climb semi regularly during weekdays. I have been climbing for many years trad and sport. .. yep i know it can be hot somedays so will will go with the flow. Also keen for occasional weekend day climbs in glass house

If your keen give me a shout. Simon

david replied 6 months ago.

Hi Simon.I live near kp just back from Darwin after 2 years.Keen to get back to climbing.Happy to belay and scramble up after a lot over xmas.David.

Simon Fitz replied 6 months ago.

Thanks for the reply .Sounds good David. what is best contact for you.

david replied 6 months ago.

Hey Simon.Mess me anytime.0403176951.

replied 6 months ago.

Hey gents. Add me on Facebook. I climb generally early (7/7:30) on Tuesday mornings often. Rock is nice and cool and the sun comes over 10:30/11am so can head off then. Often keen on a morning climb there.

david replied 6 months ago.

Hey Simon and John give me a call 0403176951

Daniel Esteban replied 6 months ago.

Hi Simon! I've just arrived to brisbane some days ago, I'm from colombia, I'm looking for a partner to climb too, so I'd be glad to join u whenever you go climb.

HollyH replied 6 months ago.

Hey Guys! i just got back from the states (Colorado and UTAH) where i learnt to climb. Not experience leader, but can belay and follow up! I absolutely love the sport, so would love to join you if you need anyone else!? I have harness and shoes.

replied 6 months ago.

Hi Holly - Feel free to add me on Facebook - can tee up a time and introduce you to a few people at KP

replied 6 months ago.

Hi all I am in Brissie 17th to 20th and keen to climb. Love to have a crack at the 20 grades at KP.

david replied 6 months ago.

Anyone keen to climb at kp this weekend??

david replied 5 months ago.

Hi everyone just message me for a kp climb as i live close.0403176951.

TK.climb replied 12 weeks ago.

Hi all, I just moved to Brisbane. I am super keen to climb the KP. I started to lead only a few months ago, and I have my own shoes and harness. How can I join any of you? I would be happy to belay, and hope to try the rock

replied 12 weeks ago.

Hi all. I live at KP and am often at the cliffs, always happy to climb with anyone of any skill level. Just find me on Facebook and let me know when you're keen.

Showing all 14 messages.

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