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Discussion: info request Started by Laura Tejada.

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  • Started: 8 months ago on Sun 12th Nov 2017

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Laura Tejada started this discussion 8 months ago.

info request

Hola, mi nombre es Laura, soy de Colombia y estaré por 3 meses en Barcelona. Quisiera obtener recomendaciones de boulders en la ciudad para ir y entrenar un rato, además si me puedo unir a algún grupo que vaya a escalar en roca, estoy estrenando equipo y quisiera practicar mucho. Llevo poco tiempo, sin embargo estoy muy motivada.

Muchas gracias

Hello, my name is Laura, I am from Colombia and I will be in Barcelona for 3 months. I would like to get recommendations from boulders in the city to go and train for a while, also if I can join a group that is going to climb on rock, I am premiering equipment and I would like to practice a lot. I have not been long, however I am very motivated.

Thank you very much

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