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  • Started: 9 months ago on Mon 4th Dec 2017

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Tom Hodgson started this discussion 9 months ago.


Potentially looking at flying over for the last two weeks of January. Is it easy to camp and get a crashpad cheap while there? Anyone else looking at being there around that time?

Matt Minus replied 9 months ago.

You can camp down the road at Craigeburn for cheap and it's a nice campsite.

Apparently you can rent a crashpad from the backpackers in Springfield and get a lift up from there every day but I've never done it myself.

My advice would be to fly in with your pad (it counts as regular luggage allowance on most airlines) and camp at craigeburn if you're looking to do it cheap.

replied 9 months ago.

You can also rent pads and guidebook from the service station in Springfield (Challenge).

It'll be a fair bit of a walk from Craigeburn, I hire a campervan. Makes it way easier and not that expensive.

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