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  • Started: 8 months ago on Sun 31st Dec 2017

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Mark Dixon started this discussion 8 months ago.

Asking for advice for Queensland trip

I have just started to plan a family trip to Queensland next summer- probably June. Traveling form Colorado.

We will do the usual tourist/GBR stuff.

But I would love to climb some. Time will be limited, especially since one of the kids is NOT interested in climbing at all.

Any suggestions for sport climbing crags either in southeast QL or near Cairns/Port Douglas?

Grades from 18-25 or so. Emphasis on classics, of course.

From searching, and looking at pictures in "Rock Climbing Down Under," the Glass House Mountains, Coolum, Brooyar and Serpent all look great!

I think we'll stick to sport, both by preference and to keep the amount of luggage down.

Am contemplating the Thorsburne trek, so will have more stuff than is convenient already.

Otherwise Frog also looks good.


Open to any suggestions, related to climbing or anything else helpful for that matter.

I know there is a forum for Victoria climbing, and if that is someplace better for me to post just lmk.


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