Discussion: Merging Bronkies areas

  • Started: 7 months ago on Mon 12th Feb 2018

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Francois Pieterse started this discussion 7 months ago.

Merging Bronkies areas

I feel like we should merge "Bronkhorstspruit" and "Bronkies Crag" areas. What is your opinion? What should we call the crag? Bronkhorstspruit or Bronkies? I think Bronkies.

replied 7 months ago.

I think you can merge it. IMO Bronkies is the short name of the crag, isn't it? So name it Bronkhorstspruit and set the, short field accordingly.

Francois Pieterse replied 6 months ago.

Thanks Kai. I agree with what you said about the short and the long name.

replied 6 months ago.

You are welcome. I think I have to plan our next trip to SA. It is already way to long since my last visit.

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