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  • Started: 6 months ago on Thu 15th Mar 2018

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Mountainfilm on Tour. Win one of 4 tickets!

Mountainfilm on Tour - Christchurch,Tuesday, 27th of March. Win one of 4 tickets on theCrag! Submit climbing images for the South Island on theCrag - the submittors of the best images (as judged by theCrag staff) before 25th of March will receive a free ticket - maximum 2 tickets per person. Please upload images to the relevant route or area. We will notify winners by personal message. You must accept within 24 hours.

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Bernii replied 5 months ago.

Mountainfilm on Tour - Christchurch has ended today and we have 1 winner Thomas 2 Tickets . Thank you Nick Murphy for first picture . Thank you for contributing to theCrag

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