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  • Started: 4 months ago on Mon 19th Mar 2018

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Ulfi started this discussion 4 months ago.

Climbing Gyms on theCrag

Climbing gyms in the USA

Dear users of theCrag in the USA,

as you have probably seen, we have imported many of the gyms in the 'United States' onto theCrag. Currently you can find them on "state level". We would appreciate your help in re-locating them to the right areas on theCrag. If you have updates or more infos for these gym, please update the information provided.

Thanks for your help and for using theCrag! Ulf

replied 4 months ago.

When looking at the map of a country/region, I am finding with this import that the listing of gyms can overwhelm the listing of crags. Is there some way at the map-level to filter out the displaying of gyms?

Ulfi replied 4 months ago.

Thanks for the feedback David. We have always tried to keep indoor and outdoor quite separated. I agree, we have now certain areas of overlap and they are on the list to get sorted. Maps and activities are 2 of them.

replied 4 months ago.

David Gibbs can you please email a screen shot and the url of an example of where you see gym stuff on the map where you think it is overwhelming?

replied 4 months ago.

Lots of places... took me less than 30 seconds to find an example -- so screen cap & sent.

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