Discussion: Lost gear - Berghaus Women Jacket - in Arapiles

  • Started: 5 months ago on Mon 2nd Apr 2018

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Ana Maluenda started this discussion 5 months ago.

Lost gear - Berghaus Women Jacket - in Arapiles

Hi everyone, I lost a Berghaus Light Women Jacket (Size 8, green and dark blue colour) today (2 April, Easter Monday) at The Pinnacle Face area in Arapiles. I think it was misplaced inside the backpack of a couple climbing Aphrodite, while we were climbing Green Singer. They left my black biner behind (thanks for that!), but I love that jacket and would be super grateful to get it back. All I know is that the guy leading is a fireman...not really super helpful :-( If it's not with them, there were also Michael and Andy (?) climbing Tip Toe Ridge? Anyway, if any of you know these people or hear about a lost Berghaus Women jacket, please please let me know! Much appreciated and hoping for the best!

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Ana Maluenda